Adoption Amur leopards in Russia will begin in 2013

Companies will be able to care for one of the 24 Amur leopards in 2013, thanks to this project, the National Park "Land of Leopard" will receive additional funding for the protection of endangered predators, said the director of the corporate partners of the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) Russia Ekaterina Babin.

"We expect that the" adoption "Leopard will cost a company 600 thousand rubles a year. Course, may adopt an individual, but first of all we are betting on corporate partners. Company or person will receive a bi-annual report on what he did mentoring leopard, plus there will be different opportunities for companies — it could be leaving the park "Land of Leopard" Days leopard for employees and customers, there are many possibilities, "- said Babin RIA Novosti.

According to Babin, the "adoption" Leopard ready 24 of 40 animals — those that environmentalists "know in person" by photographs taken by camera traps, and who were given nicknames.

"Today we know more than half in the face of the Amur leopards living in the world. Turned out that they are all different, with different personalities and habits. But in order to accomplish the sacred cause to save the leopards to many routine expenses — vehicles, parts and fuel , navigators. All this, in the long run — the salvation for the leopard, "- said the deputy director of the Amur branch of WWF Russia Public Relations Basil Solkin.

National Park "Land of Leopard" was established in Primorye in 2012 to save the Far Eastern leopard and Siberian tiger. It includes a nature reserve "Cedar Pad" and reserve "Leopard", the area of which is increased to 261 thousand hectares.

Amur leopard — the most northern subspecies of the leopard. It is different with thick long fur and is one of the most beautiful and rare forms of cats of the world fauna. The Amur leopard is listed in national and international Red Books. The situation with the Far Eastern leopard can be considered catastrophic — in the last 20 years the area of leopard in Russia almost halved, while the number was reduced to ten times and is only about 40 individuals. In China, according to recent surveys lives no more than 10 animals in Korea, reliable data on the presence of a leopard not.

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