Afghanistan must go, but how?

From Afghanistan to leave, but how?

The program adopted by the Socialist Party as is clear: the French military is nothing more to do in Afghanistan. Yet France, which supported the intervention, which allowed the government to drive the Taliban out of Kabul and neutralize Bin Laden can not be limited only by one-sided waste. Conference held in Paris on all Afghan parties drama, which many would now want to end, would find a way out of the impasse. Such could be the first international initiative of the President of the Left, if it will reach the election in 2012.

Although the main players reveal just enough (the "democratic camp", the Taliban and Pakistan), before all of them are apparently different goals. President Karzai wants to stay in power, but the existing anti-Taliban coalition strives to maintain the exclusive right to determine the country's future. The Taliban, which connects voedinyzhdy concept of an Islamic country, and at least some opposition to the presence of foreign forces are a major unknown in the Afghan equation. Pakistan, in turn, is obsessed with only one thought: to protect the borders.

In the middle of the secondary players Unity also be seen. India is afraid of attacks by Muslim groups constructive and often tries to push through Pakistan Kabul. Iran, mostly Shiite government, aims to achieve recognition and according to its majestic past roles: stepping up activities in Iraq and in the midst of Afghan Hazara (they are also Shiites), it wants to expand its sphere of influence. Saudi Arabia, the main thing for which — it is the control over the oil, the establishment of the Taliban regime in Kabul would be of great advantage: it would advance the process of Iran's Sunni environment with its radical Wahhabi.

As for the majestic powers, the United States just wish only to put an end to a war that has become very unpopular, very expensive and futile. China is quickly pursues its own imperial interests: Afghanistan disturbs him frankly not much to say about what not to adjoining Pakistan. In the end, based on the beliefs of, Islamic question has critical importance, both because of the situation in the Caucasus, and in view of the events in the Muslim republics of the CIS.

In other words, everyone has their own interests, but that does not mean that we are not able to find the bounds of mutual concessions, which would give a chance to the success of the conference in Paris. The main thing — is the stabilization of Pakistan, in the absence of a contract to which it does not matter what kind of arrangement in Kabul is doomed to failure. Her pledge is to recognize and guarantee the inviolability of borders, the role in the negotiations on an agreement on non-aggression pact with India, also stopping all support the Taliban. In that regard Afghanistan, the main points of the contract are as follows: the consent of the Taliban to comply with the current Constitution Afghanistan, administrative decentralization of the country (right up to the transition to a federal system) and, obviously, the critically acclaimed contemporary borders. In addition, the necessary condition of success will be a long presence on its territory of observation of the UN force, which will fall on the shoulders of monitoring compliance with agreements.

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