After a bee sting turned into an American woman



In the U.S., the usual insect bite led to irreversible consequences. Once a resident of Ohio Ted Prince stung by a bee, with a man's body began to occur incredible change.

Ted (left) on a talk show with his wife

He has dramatically reduced the level of the male hormone testosterone. The skin became softer, changed figure … As a result, he began to turn into a woman. Doctors say that the bite caused a rare genetic disorder — Klinefelter's syndrome. Usually the disease is congenital.

At this time, a failure in one of the body caused constituent substances bee venom. It is often used for the treatment of endocrine diseases, but by coincidence Ted poison "reset" the work of several glands.

So it was before

And if doctors are still confused about it, then he's not Ted Prince is upset. Chloe asks to call themselves, and finally going to change their sex. Ted's wife fully supports him and divorce him is going.

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