Again brothers

Once again, the brothers

News agencies say that our homeland and Belarus, it seems, once again took to the path of integration. In today's business step between the allied nations really like a truly groundbreaking. Some immediately started saying that the Russian Federation was able to "pull out" of the grip of Belarus embrace of the West and enter into the arms of his own. Certainly, such a situation can not entertain, but I would like to relate in detail the circumstances of a sudden "outbreak" of brotherly love.

The fact is that the Russian side collects lower prices for gas supplies to Belarus starting from next year. It might look like a gesture of help from his older brother younger. But do not think that deal performed only for the benefit of one of Belarus. Price discount on Russian gas has been linked to the sale of "Gazprom" half stake "Beltransgaz". This means that now our home is severely player in the Belarusian transit of Russian gas well. In other words, the deal is similar to how other neighbor sells honey is cheaper, so he gave it to the bees fly silently through your own site. In principle, the deal suits both Russia and Belarus, and if this is indeed the case, then one can only welcome the agreement.

Naturally, and in that, and in another country there are people who tend to criticize the agreement in down and remains. Belarusian critics agreement they say that the Kremlin together with Gazprom willing to "chop off" a piece of the whole transportation system and to impose its conditions in the coming. In RF Again spreading rumors that Lukashenka has imposed control over their conditions of the Russian Federation. In principle, the reasons both sides are not groundless, but in the end, it turns out that either party has made its own move stallion and is satisfied by his actions.

Apart from contracts for the supply of gas at reduced prices and the acquisition of "Gazprom" shares of Belarusian gas transportation company, and accomplished another impressive deal. Alexander Lukashenko was opposed to the "Rosatom" has started the construction of nuclear power plants in the country Belarus. Construction of the plant will be financed in the same way as the construction of the nuclear power plant near Kaliningrad. By the way, the projects are also very identical. Sergei Kiriyenko has already instructed to prepare all the documentation necessary for the works.

It turns out that "dad" had mercy on unreasonable neighbors and stretched out his still-Republic for fraternal cooperation. The drama caused by the fact that all the time, sir nedavneshnee Lukashenko Kremlin threatened to take the path of European integration, and even on the path of rapprochement with the United States. But neither Europe nor the United States did not want to be integrated clicks satisfied with Belarus, as here, usually, put so called "democratic bill." In the middle of all the other fri this bill — the rejection of monopolies in the Belarusian economy, free trade with the West on the criteria Winning the West, and, of course, is the unquestioning democracy with the termination of dispersal of demonstrations and free elections. Such a "pit" Alexander Grigoryevich seemed quite sweet, and here also difficulties with the public currency, and there is still sanctions by the United States against several companies in Belarus. And I turned all the beloved Belorussian President of the Russian Federation to the side, making the go-ahead, that, say, the friendship resumed.

Kremlin friendship did not ignore, since realized that this may be too little to earn extra money. Well, now rarely Alexander Lukashenko becomes so accommodating.

Citizens of the same 2-countries remains a hope that friendship growing stronger in fact, not only fueled by the gas burner and the plans to build a nuclear power plant. After all, as you know, friendship "Give to give" up to no good arguments have ever. There will always be a mote, which has stalled the mechanism of pragmatic cooperation. We will expect that's not the case …

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