Again Katyn?

Again Katyn?

After the collapse of Russian bloc, which came and the Polish People's Republic, soured Russian-Polish relations. Historically, between Russia and Poland were not always used to do. Another prominent Russian philosopher and politician Berdyaev so read on the Russian-Polish relations, there is no such a similar and different peoples, which is constantly in conflict among themselves. Polish politics has always been focused on weakening Russian statehood. After all, the neighborhood with a strong power, what has always been our home, gave Poland the ability even to dream about leadership in the East European region. Because the act of Polish political and military circles were always focused on the fragmentation of the Russian Federation on the small sundress country.

One such step is the deterioration of the reputation of RF propagation method disk imaging of the shooting soldiers of the Home Army (hereinafter — AK) Russian special services in 1945.

In Russia there are Human Rights Society "Memorial", whose main task, the assurances of its creators, was to preserve the memory of the political repression of Russian Union.

One of the employees of the capital of the "Memorial", who made his name as a professional and academic papers on Russian time, provoked the raising of the themes of the winding up of paramilitary units of the Polish AK during 1945. Intrigued to destabilize the Russian-Polish relations person accused Russia of concealing disk imaging on the shooting of Polish partisans of the AK captured in the so-called "the August raid." By the way, figures from the Memorial was taken out into the world, even fiction that Stalin planned to permanently move out of the Ukrainians. Memorialtsy with all this link to a government document, on which in 1950 had been canceled for the term of the settlement of Ukrainian Nationalists — "ounovtsev" that have become accomplices of the Nazis in the occupied territories of Ukraine and after a brutal war waged an armed struggle against the legitimate authority in the area of Western Ukraine.

The fact that the settlement of gangs AK was not political repression, it is easy to justify.

AK was listed paramilitary unit of the Polish underground since the second world war. It is subordinate to the Polish Government in Exile in the English countryside. The number of units of the AK was about 400 thousand fighters. Although the main goal of the AK including the fight against the German invaders, AK fighters waged an undeclared war against the Ukrainian and Belarusian partisan groups, and with the permanent Russian military forces. Gangs AC destroying innocent people of Poland, Belarus and Ukraine. According to the available disk imaging, armed units of the AK for 10 days in June 1945 was committed 120 armed attacks on municipal and law enforcement agencies on human settlements and groups of Polish and Russian troops. With particular ruthlessness of the gang AK treated with the citizens of the Belarusian and Ukrainian nationality: killing ladies, nursing babies, teenagers, tortured guys.

To stop the atrocities of the soldiers' Army Ludovit "Polish security forces and Russian troops carried out a raid on catching criminals AK in several areas in the country of Poland. As a result, in the camps was more than 7 thousand people, most of whom were later released. According to the documents failed to trace the fate of 569 fighters AK caught in raids in the districts of the town Augusti. Maybe they were destroyed unit SMERSH. But as the AK led undeclared war, its soldiers were responsible for their actions, and it is legitimate to have been used wartime measures to neutralize the gangs. It should be noted that in the four months of 1946 AK bandits killed more than 800 civilians, Polish and Russian troops.

The next event was of great importance to accelerate the destruction of an underground network of AK on the ground in Poland. Polish government-in-exile was carried out systematic work on the organization of the post-war attack Russian Alliance. Naiumneyshy politician Winston Churchill warned the Polish government from the start of military operations against the Soviet Union, which, according to him, was unintelligible. He accused them of indifference to the plight of their own people. However, despite these caveats, in April 1945, came into the hands of intelligence document compiled by the commandant of the AK. It laid out a plan for the mobilization of all forces against the Russian European Union. Poles planned monetary support for the UK to become the head of the anti-Soviet bloc, which was given a place for Germany under the control of the British.

Poles in the 20-ies of the last century was a plan, received the title of "Land Between the Seas." Its essence: the establishment between the Black and Baltic Seas multiple-independent states, acting as a buffer between the Polish and Russian states. In this case, Poland, as the largest of them would gain status as the favorite in the heart of Eastern Europe.

After the war, Poland joined the Russian Block countries, and this plan was actually feasible. But with the collapse of the Soviet Union the idea of "Land Between the Seas" took out again, shaking off from naphthalene.

The next movement was in Poland the latest life — "prometeizm." The slogan of this movement is the idea of freedom for Poles and other nations. The organization of "Prometheus" has undertaken the implementation of applets. The main goal of this organization is to take measures to dismember the seams on the state of the USSR at first, and then Russia. To carry out its own anti-Russian plans for "prometeevtsami" funded by some of the "government in exile": the separatists from the Don and the Caucasus, found a refuge in Prague, Paris, housed pseudo-government of Armenia, Georgia and the Tatar-Bashkir. In Istanbul, opened its consulates separatists in Azerbaijan, the North Caucasus and the Crimean Tatars. In Warsaw, the active work carried out and the Ukrainian government Turkestan flimsy.

With the collapse of the Russian Union of the thought of liquidation Union countries was partly realized. At the current time continuing the struggle against Poland Russian country got the latest revision as a cooperative US-Polish project to the fragmentation of the Russian Federation for the small countries of the Krasnodar region to Chukotka. Planned fate of these countries — the lack of ability to protect and feed themselves. Their future — civil wars, corruption, unemployment and hunger. And the suffering of the population of these small-independent territories is irrelevant to the powerful and wealthy Europe, where Poland will take a central position.

Western intelligence services use "prometeistov" to destabilize the situation in Russia and the destruction of the vertical of power, hard-constructed after the collapse of the Russian bloc.

Russian side has made efforts to improve Russian-Polish relations. It is agreed that there will be a joint publication of materials prepared by historians of both countries on issues of concern. Decree of the Russian President's Fund created dialogue and harmony 2-states, which begin operations in 2012.

History has left both Russian and Polish generation of a huge number of problems, questions, stereotypes. Only a broad, open dialogue between countries will help deal with the past and build a new fu
ture of a beautiful 2-independent states.

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