Again, McCain threatens the enemies of democracy physical repossession

Once again, McCain faces the "enemies of democracy" with physical violenceIn the process of self-presentation at the Global Economic Forum, held in Jordan, U.S. Senator John McCain has said almost the subsequent: "Against the Syrian authorities is the time to launch a military operation, it is necessary in order to protect people this country from tyranny. " In response, representatives of the administration of U.S. President Barack Obama gave all realize that the U.S. is not planning a military intervention in Syria. U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, apologizing for the words of McCain, said that the representatives of the Syrian opposition does not call for such intervention, because the operation is planned. What lies in these words Clinton? It's simple — it is a signal Syrian rebels and mercenaries: ask us for support and we will intervene!

McCain: "Now, at the end of the military operation in Libya, the management of our country could send more emphasis on the practical question of the organization of the military operation to protect the civilian population in Syria. Assad should not think that he does not have to answer for the mass murder of civilians in Syria. Gaddafi thought so too, and it cost him what happened to him. Iran's rulers should also take what happened with Gaddafi note "… Some South American leaders have often differed by making such statements in the address control of foreign countries, but McCain has surpassed many of them. Reflect only: a high-ranking South American politician who could and probably still can become the president of the United States, scattered direct threats of physical elimination of the address in the favorites of the whole states. Such does not even Hitler did when he was not yet in power. It is difficult to imagine myself as myself would have led or will lead this man, he become president. With all groznosti own words uttered with complete confidence that if implemented, no one will be held responsible for the possible murder of a favorite of Syria and its surroundings, it is not clear what exactly is meant McCain — Pure South American or joint NATO military intervention in Syria, organized in the image of today's intervention in Libya.

Recall that the situation in Syria is being hailed by Western media from the point of view that "totalitarian" regime of Syria, led by "tyrant" Assad for more than six months conducting repression against its own people and the "democratic" forces at the peaceful opposition to the authorities.

Yet, the official position of the U.S. administration is that military intervention in Syria inappropriate and can lead to the emergence of "chaos in the region." U.S. Secretary of State Clinton also stated that "The United States strongly supports the possibility of Assad's resignation, and hot supports the Syrian opposition, conducting a peaceful protest."

Once again McCain. Now the senator threatened Iranian leaders penalty for attempted murder Tipo frustrated Caudovskoy Arabian ambassador to the United States, patriotic Yankees also recalled that the "threat" posed by Iran, which is "killing our soldier in Iraq and Afghanistan, and supports extremist groups around the world "Its real, and continues to grow. McCain constantly says that Iran is funding international terrorists and trying to acquire a nuclear weapon, the "trampling on the dignity of its own people." In response to such attacks Tehran says that the support of the existing regime in Syria, Iran is, so to mediate in the conflict between the administration and the Syrian opposition and the beginning of the open national dialogue in this country. Tehran also categorically rejects the allegations made by the Yankees in the preparation of removing the ambassador of Saudi Arabia, insisting on the ability to review the incident only in the presence of "hard evidence".

In some of their own speeches McCain even trying to romanticize the subject of Middle East uprisings, to put it poetically, almost in the spirit of Che Guevarra, something like this: "The Iranian despots have stolen from their own people Arab Spring." Or: "None of the problem is not so much connects voedinyzhdy our stately south american people as the need to protect our friends and allies zabugornyh democracy, and our interests and means of danger from hostile regimes. Nothing and no one will be able to shake our resolve in this matter, "- says patriotic senator. McCain likes to read, he traveled the world, namely the region Near East and North Africa, and met there with the young democratic activists, business leaders and heads of countries, and in fact they are all hot supported by the U.S., saying that our leadership in the region should only increase, not decrease. "

Magnificent man and a great patriot of his own country that Senator McCain! What beautiful and true words! Especially fun if in the middle of the "heads of the states" were hanged Saddam and Gaddafi lynched.

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