Air defense missile system ZIPKIN (Aselsan-Turkey)

Air defense missile system ZIPKIN (Aselsan-Turkey)

SAM is a unique development ZIPKIN Aselsan made on the basis of the requirements of the Turkish Defense Industry Secretariat (Secretariat for Defence Industries, SSM). The next contract for mass creation of a prisoner with Aselsan in December 2001 foresaw the creation and delivery of a total 158-constraints and systems (70 ATILGAN, 88 ZIPKIN) With the following technical service and training of staff of Turkish Air Force. Option ZIPKIN mounted on the chassis Land Rover Defender 130 in accordance with the requirements of the Turkish Armed Forces.

SAM ZIPKIN PMADS (Pedestal-Mounted Air Defence Missile System) is a one hundred percent automatic short-range air defense missiles of the acts using Stinger, providing coordinated, autonomous systems, command, control, communications and intelligence and other means of defense. At the current time, the system is integrated in a vehicle with 4×4, but can be integrated on different types of auto platforms. The main objective of SAM ZIPKIN a lower level of defense motionless objects, such as radar, air bases and bases. The calculation of the system consists of a 2-man, gunner and driver. The launcher is placed in the rear of the car and carries four ready to fire missiles. An additional four missiles to recharge can be transported by car to their unique launch containers. The operator can control the system as well as specifically in the car, and using the remote control at a distance of 50 m from the mc. Despite the fact that initially ZIPKIN PMADS meant the introduction of missiles Stinger, the system can be configured with other types of ultra-short-range missiles abroad. Sensor suite includes a second-generation thermal imager with 2 fields of view, and daylight TV camera with the possibility of scale. To determine the distance to the target can be used built-in multi-pulse laser rangefinder.

The main tactical and technical properties of the SAM ZIPKIN PMADS:
• 4 ready to launch a Stinger missile
• 12.7-mm machine gun for self-defense
• The system to detect and track targets and fire control system, and in the criteria for day or night
• Electric system the definition of "Private — The Stranger"
• Remote management functions of the system is 50 meters from the PU

The fire control system ZIPKIN PMADS provides the following functions:
• Remote management all subsystems
• Management of PU and stabilization
• Automatic rotary launchers toward the target
• Automatic tracking of the target
• Automatic detection of the target type (plane or helicopter)
• Automatic discovery of fire if the target is within reach of rockets

As an added weapon system a 12.7 mm coaxial machine gun with PU mnogokalibernym M3 with 250 bullets. The machine gun is used for self-defense, and to cover the missile dead zones. The machine gun can also be controlled remotely. ZIPKIN can be transported by C-130 and C-160.

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