Alesha known veteran awarded the Order after 68 years

Alesha famous veteran was awarded the Order through 68 yearsIn the Altai Territory veteran Russian majestically handed order Of the Red Star. Alexey Skurlatov expect their own merits almost 70 years. In his native village in a school named after him, his name is well known in Bulgaria.

Order found his hero 68 years. Feat of arms in the battle for Krivoy Rog scout Skurlatov made in January 1944: received a wound, Alex has not left the field of battle, continuing to fire at the enemy. Reddish Star, second in a row, veteran awarded in December 2012. She was found thanks to Tamara Dmitrienko: Exploring the military archives, a journalist from Barnaul saw the documents for the award is, and the most medals at Skurlatov hitherto not.

"How many times called to various authorities requested hurry. Suppose I say, live out earlier order. And he lived, I am very happy!" — Says Tamara.

After the war, Alexey Ivanovich timidly lived in his native village of the Altai Nalobiha. But the operations in Bulgaria, where he once waged war Siberian scout, made him famous. Bulgarian soldier Metodi Vitanov friend Skurlatov, said of the "Russian Alyosha" architects. In Plovdiv there was a 17-meter monument, and Altaic Skurlatov village began to come hundreds of emails.

"I answered every letter. And at the moment I can not — hands do not work" — says veteran.

In his native village now has a school named after Alexey Skurlatov and the museum of the famous countryman. Very popular Bulgarian singer Biser Kirov special trip to the Altai region to meet with the "Russian Alyosha."

The song, which Kirov performed with great success on national television, in Nalobihe has long become a drinking. And sang it at the moment, following the delivery of the Red Star. Look for the archives order became the typical gift veteran — this year Skurlatov Alex was 90 years old.

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