Alice mielofon? American scientists are working on a translator from the language of animals


Staff at Northern Arizona University in the United States engaged in the development of software for decryption "speech" of animals, according to

It is also planned that the program and the special device on which it is installed, will organize a two-way communication between the people and "our smaller brethren."

According to the developers, the new technology will radically change the world. One in three Americans now contains a cat or a dog, andKolo 4 million dogs euthanized each year in the country due to the so-called behavioral problems. One of the developers of the program speech recognition animals Slobodchikov Professor Kohn believes that this could be avoided if possible, normal communication with the pet owner.

According Slobodchikova, the device will work like a "translator", adds, "Rossiyskaya Gazeta". Oddly behaving dog could "tell" the man, "You're scaring me." And he could answer her, "Sorry, I do not want that. I'll give you more freedom. "

The development and introduction of the device, scientists are going to spend from 5 to 10 years.

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