Alien Mummy dug up near the Nazca (Video, Photo)


In Peru, found the remains of two strange humanoid creatures with huge heads. "She looks like an alien," — says about his find by Renato Davila Riquelme (Renato Davila Riquelme) Peruvian anthropologist at the museum in the city of Cusco in the south-east of the country (Privado Ritos Andinos museum in Cusco). And he found a strange — mummified-remains. Dug near the town Andahuaylilas (Andahuaylillas) the southern province of Peru Kvispikanchi (Quispicanchi). The famous Nazca, an unknown person izrisoval giant drawings on the same side.

Details of excavations scientist says. But the findings show.

The head of one mummy — is huge. From chin to temechko — 50 centimeters. Same — the lower part of the body. Hollow — much wider than that of ordinary people.

Not only that non-human skull size — he is a strong pull back.

W oraya mummy, photo Riquelme which, unfortunately, did not provide, small — about 30 sanitimetov with his head. And incomplete. But just as it is not very surprised. Scientists have identified it aborted fetus. He was wrapped in a "fabric" resembles the remains of the placenta.

The second is the power of shocking and surprising proportions, and some minor details. His teeth "big-" — as in the adult. A temechko — open, nezarosshee as a baby.

The height of the skull 50 centimeters. The rest of the body — is also 50 centimeters. The whole being, therefore, the meter?

According to Riquelme, to help him — to continue research — came three anthropologists from Spain and Russia. But they supposedly have already recognized that the mysterious remains belong not to people. That is, a Peruvian anthropologist suggests that the mummy found aliens. At least one thing — that the larger.

— I admit that this assumption is as extravagant — adds Riquelme. — But it is clear that "roughy" does not correspond to any ethnic group, living on our planet.

If you believe the Peruvian, the right eye socket 50-centimeter preserved skull material eyes. It is hoped that it will be possible to analyze its DNA. And then finally make it clear who's an alien.


Creature — a humanoid, anthropologists say. But not a man


Heavy mutation

— Nothing abnormal here do not see, — said the find in Peru Michael Gerstein, chairman of the commission UFO Russian Geographical Society. — Heavy mutation, burdened kranioskhizisom (cleft of the cranial sutures). Plus, there's the parents' help, "bintuya head, as was the custom in ancient Peru. The ribs are clearly underdeveloped, no sternum.

As for the opinion of anthropologists, they are not doctors. Their words in this case are not the opinion of professionals. DNA analysis should explain everything.

Square head

Agrees with the comment of Michael fabric of Canadian artist Paul Kane (Paul Kane, 1810-1871). He portrayed the North American child, whose head is subjected to "machining" — make flat. In the adult — the result of treatment.


Artist Paul Kane mimicked could disfigure the head

According to some, such a technique existed 9,000 years ago.

Another question is why do people mutilated head? Not for you, so they can work the priests, having received some supernatural abilities?

According to legend, unprecedented power, such as telepathy, prophetic, clairvoyant, you can get by becoming like the gods on his head. And who took over the gods? Of course, aliens.


Not the first comer

For 16 years the world go amazing photo distributed by Robert Connolly (Robert Connolly), an anthropologist at the University of Liverpool, who once had a chance to examine the mummy tomb of the embryos from the pharaoh Tutankhamen — presumably his premature infants (See Children sent to the tomb of Tutankhamun and his father).

Photos taken in various museums around the world (including in the Peruvian), a scientist has placed in 1995 on his CD "In Search of Ancient Wisdom" (CD-ROM "The Search For Ancient Wisdom", Cambrix, 1-800-992 — 8781). Agitated public, of course, talked about aliens. Because Connolly skull shown only vaguely resembled human.

Skeptics say the artificial ugliness — mechanical treatment of the skull in certain rituals, which, in fact, gave them — skulls — such strange shapes.

But the earth's version does not fit well the size of skulls. It turned out that they included on the 2500, and even by 3500 cubic centimeters brains. That is much larger than the human head, which is placed, on average, of 1500 cubic centimeters.

The largest human skull, described by doctors, had a volume of 1980 cubic centimeters.


Skull cone on the left — a comparison with normal human skull

Skull Pumpkin


Skull with the letter M

Doctors assure that intelligence is essentially independent of the size of the brain. And give us examples of Anatole France, whose "pot" has been calculated only for 1100 "cubes." In other words, the owners of the three-liter skulls are not necessarily different supernatural intelligence. Just among people similar to them was not.


Alien number 176

Connolly observed unusual skull of three types: cone-shaped like a pumpkin and the letter "M". The skull, discovered in Peru now, do not look like any of these. Is that a bit like a cone. Hot Shots — like Riquelme — cause it to be certain aliens "fourth" species whose remains have not come across before.

Vladimir Lagowski



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