Almost every second Russian lives from paycheck to paycheck

In a relative majority (40%) employed Russians monthly money for life ends before the next paycheck arrives, reports Research Center portal Rabota@Mail.Ru. According to the nationwide survey, one in three (33%) of this condition occurs at least once in three months.

Further, the phrase "money for life ends" polled Russians have a different meaning: for 36% it means a lack of funds for food and travel on public transport to work, to 33% — for utilities, maintenance personnel avtomobilya.Bolee broad meaning to this phrase give 28% of respondents: they think money for life ends when funds are insufficient to cafes, discos, cinema, shopping activity.

Moreover, among those who live in expectation of wages to meet basic needs, 21% complained of low salary, 20% — on the misallocation of funds during the month, with the greater part of the respondents (38%) in an unexpected mandatory spending. Poll portal also showed that 11% of Russians, not having time to get paid, immediately begin to wait for the next one. In addition, 35% of those who said that he has lived from paycheck to paycheck, counting the days until payday is a week or two before, and 41% — the day before or the day of the salary. Meanwhile, 13% said that, despite the fact that they need money, payday, they do not wait

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