Already weekend, December 4-5

Blitz review of events and those in Belarus, a world history.


Pasnezhyts Saturday and Sunday perastsihne. Temperature: -12 — 2 C.

Do not pass:

December 4, debates, and on December 5 radio debates of presidential candidates (17.00 — 18.00).

4 December at 13.00 in the "Book Fair" in Minsk (Kalinin, 5) will be presented uncensored "Rapidly despair," Vladimir Karatkevich. At the presentation promises to be Ryhor Baradulin, Basil Trinity, Gennady Buraukin, Vladimir Orlov, Sergei Poniznik.


December 4

In 1875 born Austrian poet Rainer Maria Rilke (d. 1926).

In 1971, during a concert by Frank Zappa Fired casino mantra in Switzerland — the event was immortalized by the group "Deep Purple" in the famous song "Smoke on the Water" (album "Machine Head", 1972).

In 1976, he died an American guitarist Tommy Bolin, who changed to "Deep Purple" Ritchie Blackmore and recorded with the band album "Come Taste the Band" (1975).

In 1990 died Swiss writer Friedrich Durenmat (b. 1921).

In 1993, he died an American rock musician Frank Zappa (born 1940).

December 5

In 1870 died French writer Alexander Dumas (born 1802), author of "The Three Musketeers" and a number of other famous novels.

In 1947 was born Belarusian poet Ales Ryazanov.

In 1994, at a meeting of the OSCE United Kingdom, United States and Russia ensured Belarus, Kazakhstan and Ukraine's security and territorial integrity.

There is a reason:

December 5 — International Volunteer Day.

MINUS 365:

"Most of the personnel Friday".

Quote to remember:

"The state always calls itself the home when preparing to murder", — Friedrich Durenmat.

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