Americans have lost radio contact with the Russian group Storm move to Lake Vostok


According to the Daily Mail, for five days, American researchers have no connection with the Russian group, which is drilling the well to a relict Lake Vostok, hidden under the ice 20 million years.

The base on which the drilling takes place, was founded in 1957

News portal with the results analogy with fantastic horror film "Something" was found in the ice about an alien creature, which was subsequently destroyed a group of Norwegian researchers.

According to recent reports in the Russian media, Russian nearly achieved the desired goal, it is left to a maximum of a week. Related to the interrupted communications and end drilling is still unknown. Russian media are silent on the issue of Daily Mail reported.



The specialists of the world beating heart at the thought of what undiscovered forms of life can live in Lake Vostok. At the same time, of course, wrote site there is a risk of entry of micro-organisms in the water today, as well as "degassing" of the lake because of the high concentration of oxygen and nitrogen (Lake Vostok may be compared with soda in a bank: open it wrong — and score a fountain that can use up half the contents). Therefore, experts scoop up a bit and immediately pull out the drill, so that the water ice crust formed again.

In the next season, the U.S. and the UK, too, intend to start drilling, but their purpose — small lake. It is East (the largest lake in Antarctica and the third in the world by volume of water) is recognized by experts all over the world mainly in the crown jewel of modern Antarctic research.

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