Anastasia Rimashevskaya: Sooner or later, I see the president Vitaly

The strength of any policy not only in the organizational skills and public speaking, but also in the rear, which allow to focus on the social or public affairs. We are starting a series of interviews with the wives of the presidential candidates, who on the eve of the election voluntarily or involuntarily shared with the men all the difficulties of the electoral battle. How important is the support for Belarusian female candidates?

Our first interviewee — Anastasia Rimashevskaya, wife of presidential candidate, co-produced by the party "Belarusian Christian Democracy" Vital Rymasheuski.

The main women in the life of Vital Rymasheuski — no doubt, his mother, who lives in Bobruisk, as well as his wife and young daughter Nastya Eve. Rymashevski family lives in a residential district of Minsk, in a one-room apartment. Limited floor space makes it distribute carefully: 16 square meters pamyastsilisya and the cradle of the annual Eve, and the work area of the presidential candidate. But the beauty of the host on the felt: the main thing — do not Footage of real estate, and the proximity of the family. And the sensation of heat is really lacking.

— Nastya, how did the family Rymashevski? As introduced, under what circumstances? And the more you took Vitali?

— This May will be 10 years since we got married. We met in the youth fellowship at one of the Orthodox churches. Vitali just called and asked if I nationalist youth, if I want to go to youth meetings with the Orthodox Church? First, for each other, we do not even sizing, and then, over time, have noticed and started dating.

I've always liked people who are addicted to something. And he

I've always liked people who are addicted to something.

admired. For example, engaged in the rehabilitation of Larissa Heniyush, Karatkevich in the Orthodox Church. He was able to capture the people and in this work include. Here are the features in it like: determination and just an interest in people. It seems to me that our family each year is increasing. This is despite the fact that we began to see less than before. But somehow it is understanding.

— And you, Anastasia, made these 10 years? How to develop your career in general?

— We first studied together in absentia Theological Institute in Moscow, went together to the session. Also, I was in the Masters at the European Humanities University and then worked in the archives of literature and art. Master's thesis at YSU I have defended the law on religion. By the way, now the situation has changed a bit in the sense that I, for example, talked about the infringement of other faiths — Protestants, Catholics. Now Catholics are also actively engaged in cooperation with the government. And the Orthodox, for example, on the first place in this cooperation. So my job now and not very relevant, despite the fact that it has only 6 years old.

— Those who do not personally know of Vital Rymasheuski, it seems that it is soft enough people who can be persuaded to compromise. Feeling true or false?

— He is both soft, but it can be very strong and impulsive, depending on the circumstances. But I would say that this man is quite harmonious. First, he convinced his calling — to be involved in politics. And this is very important because it has

He is fearless, he is confident and knows how to forgive others.

confidence. If the person hesitates, it will be less decisive, is something to be afraid of. And he is fearless, he is confident and knows how to forgive others.

For example, meetings noticeable. When he did meet with the voters, the people are different because they say they can hurt. For example, I would take offense. And Vitali is able to understand and forgive that person. For it is not hard, he has a love for the people who have the opposite idea.

Family council

— And how the decision to run for president? Was there a family council?

— Yes, we discussed it. Not that Vitali has made me face the fact he hesitated for a while. But if he had taken this decision specifically, I agreed. I trust his decisions, as long as there was no such that if Vitali somewhat confident it eventually failed.

— Already at this stage, some of the presidential candidates say that even declared "liberal" the election — in fact play. Do you believe in the sincerity of the authorities?

— This power can not be trusted. And, of course, is a kind of clowning. If, for example, there is a comedy, it's a very bright tragikamedyya detection. The place where a lot of people are playing something. It's a pity, and their time

It is necessary to participate, especially for people to see the other way.

because life is just past, people "gorshatstsa", and as a result people are cheating just such a spectacle. But this is life, not a theater. As before, to participate or not to participate in these elections? It is necessary to participate, especially for people to see the other way. After all, you can not even have his hands up. As my mom (writer Galina Korzhenevskaya — RS) says the frog, which beat the butter, and so is this frog jump, something to knock down …

— You are aware that in conditions of Belarus attempt to resist the power — not an easy decision, and may have implications nepragnazavanyya?

— We all make, but did not stipulate aloud. Why forward to say something? We do not really know what awaits us. So that we know how Heniyush Larissa said she would be with us in front, then no one would have survived. So we live as we live, and do what we can, in today's environment. By the way, if Vitali was preparing for a TV show, Eve responded, refleksavala. Was capricious, because, probably, something is passed from parents. At least from the mother, because of course I was worried.

— And how is all a big family to that decision, Vitali and your parents?

— Vitaly parents (they live in Bobruisk) is very experienced, "Why did he do it?." They just know what to expect from the race. But they support it. Larger the company picks up speed, the more they become more active and confident in the vital.

Tax, Yarmoshina and Television

— Even before the shares on November 24, Vitaly Rymashevsky warned about the inadmissibility of participation in an unsanctioned event, then there were propaganda attacks that, they say, there is little reported income. Began to "dig a hole" for a candidate?

— It started a long time to dig when rained all these letters that we regularly wake up with Eve — it postwoman brings letters from the tax. Already started Yarmoshina various statements do. It seems to me that they are very angry and have not even hold themselves.

— You mentioned Lydia Yermoshina … Paul Seviarynets who received certificate of presidential candidate Vital Rymasheuski instead, refused to shake hands Yarmoshina, pointedly set a white-red-white flag. What is your opinion?

— Everyone, of course, worthy of respect. But some actions and words are not worth. I remember, for example, the case of history, when the wife of Yankees

Everyone, of course, worthy of respect. But some actions and words are not worth.

Domes met with the band. She was with someone else, with a woman, and shrugged her band, cat, arm. And the woman poet, she asked: "How so? Your husband suffered from this man, and you shook hands with him." She replied that she squeezed his hand to his poems were published on. And I remember this act condemned. Internally, it seemed to me that it was not worth it. But it was her act. I do not know how I would have acted on the spot Sevyarinets or Vitali, but it seems to me that Paul did the right thing.

— We do not doubt that you watched the performance on TV husband. How do we assess whether there is criticism?

— I just liked the performance, but of course, the defects were. I mentioned this to Vitaly, but he himself knows it. For example, it seems to me that his speech on television in local councils was better. Perhaps due to the fact that now was the ether, or he felt a great responsibility, because though the presidential election. Table of Contents — very good, I liked the themes that he touched. However, I know he's a good speaker, but this performance is not high — it may be better. Of course, the fifteen-year experience of eloquence he does not, as is the manner of a certain person.

— You once had a hand in the preparation of the text?

— Part of the text he recites to me, I was gaining, but the second part we Eve simply prevented to do so. Therefore, the second part he scored, and I did not hear him. Only when he recites the text, then I made a few comments.

— Tell me, Eve — "father's daughter"? In the sense that Vitali cherish it, or maybe vice versa, trying to keep in the discipline?

— Vitaly loves all children — and other people's and Eve. I even think that if I had it in something that is not restrained, he too would have cherished it. But he can not say strongly as it begins to make improper conduct. Of course, when the pope arrives, and she feels that the doors are closed — that only the Pope, it is everything in the world forgets. By the way, now we even turn into the garden did not, as Vitaly no time to call in and be on this

The more I deal with Eve, the more I see the flaws in the pre-school education and upbringing.

place. But of course, we will look for a group of Belarusian-language. If this is not, then we will create. Of course, it would be nice if we had home-like gardens, where several children. For example, we would like to go to some classes at the children's club. There are great clubs, but then again all the classes in Russian. Kids jump there, there tales — good for kids to develop. But sorry, there is no alternative. The more I deal with Eve, the more I see the flaws in the pre-school education and upbringing. However, and health too. With books we also have a problem — a few illustrations of Belarusian-language books, and they are ugly.

— You mentioned that you were working in the Archives of Literature and Art. Now you courted Eve, but then want to go back there?

— Do not know if I want to go back there, even though I liked the work. I loved those funds, with whom I worked. Plenty to anyone else watched with other eyes. I processed the archive Yermolovich. It was important to see what kind of job a person held. Its now been accused of unprofessional approach, but it's handwriting shows how a person was caught, parses all the records and books with poor vision. This, of course, is defiled.

ABOUT THE ROLE first lady

— Anastasia, and is there any way of wife of the head of state, who do you like?

— I must say that I do not like. I do not like the role of Sarkozy's wife, because, I think, a little embarrassing to have his wife's doll. In that sense, maybe something I am impressed current role of Hillary Clinton. But this must also be mature enough, at least, I will try. We know, it seems to me, historically no experience in the country. May not have been very successful in the Soviet era experience with Raisa Gorbachev, if somewhat repressed husband …

— What, in your opinion, the wife can add to the image of a presidential candidate? Here's an example to your family?

— You know, his wife, in general, two people side by side, they

If two people side by side, they "vzaemaprasyakalnyya."

"Vzaemaprasyakalnyya": the husband is typed that is his wife, and his wife — that is my husband. It seems to me that this is our life together — ten years, we picked up a little from each other good and bad things. Here, for example, that an excessive softness May Vitalevay balanced hardness. Conversely, Vitaleva hardness — my softness.

— Or already tried on the role of the first lady? What really could be doing this a truly public office?

— I would certainly like to draw attention to the Belarusian language and culture,

I would certainly like to draw attention to the Belarusian language and culture, the culture in general.

the culture in general. So a lot of the work will be. I'd like to do it. Because, for example, earlier this life was in full swing. I remember the early nineties, when there was a lot of movie hits, some new productions of plays, which show — an exhibition of Goya. Now in a swamp.

— What expectations do you personally have for the upcoming election?

— I see Vitali sooner or later the president. Because he has all the traits of his calling — everything is there. I see myself more active in helping him and my participation in political life. I see myself more confident and Eve in the sandbox — where we are not choked with such Russian "Tales." And where we can confidently and sing their songs in the Belarusian language, we realize we do not have to pay attention.

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