Ancient Aliens / Ancient Aliens Season 5 Watch online

Ancient Aliens / Ancient Aliens Season 5 Watch online
5th season continues the story of the old monuments that were built in accordance with the movement of the heavenly bodies. Ancient monuments technology which hitherto remained a mystery to scientists and researchers. How they were built at that time far away from us? …

Episode 1: sanctuary pyramids / Secrets of the Pyramids

Episode 2: Dire Predictions Court / The Doomsday Prophecies.

Episode 3: Power intruders.

4 series: Final destination — Orion / Destination Orion.

Episode 5: Einstein Factor / The Einstein Factor

6 series: Sanctuary of tombs / Sekrets of the Tombs

The oldest intruders. Prophets and Prophecy. 5 season Episode 7

Antique intruders. Studying the band Nazca. 5 season Episode 8

The oldest intruders. Weird abduction. Season 5 Episode 9 series

The oldest intruders. Legacy of Von Daniken. 5 season Episode 10

Antique intruders Season 5 11 series

The oldest intruders Season 5 12 series

UFOs, extraterrestrial intelligence, and phenomena

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