And again on an old rake …

And again on the old rake ...After the decline of the credit rating of the United States of spices by S & P, the world situation began to recall action 3-year-old. Global economy do not have time to come to himself after the crash associated with the last crisis, as new it round again tightens monetary system and the leading centers in a steep dive. Many experts are inclined to think that the lack of confidence in the American economy of the world have gained their own limits, and therefore new crisis promises to be even bigger. On this background that a day lasts collapse of markets in South-East Asia. Even large corporations every day lose hundreds of millions of dollars in losses as remaining bullied pay unfortunate empyrean south american debt. The situation resembles what is like being in a car speeding on the road to the abyss, the driver presses on the gas stubbornly in the hope that it will fly the abyss. Indeed, well, how long Americans are going to hope for magic, endlessly increasing its own debt ceiling and continuing to live beyond their means. Gone are the days when the investment in the South American economy means 100% of reliability. Now, to be exact, just yesterday, many far-sighted financiers began to get rid of debt obligations States, investing their funds in more strong resources. One of these resources is gold. If oil prices behave as if someone is having a little fun on the roller coaster, the price of gold rises inexorably, showing a measured trend.

And again on the old rake ...What to expect Russians if brand new crisis wave will cover our country. Analysts believe that this will lead to a tremendous economic and political crisis, because many of the social utilities that would be willing to order the government or you do not have to roll. Never-ending devastation Stabilization Fund, formed at the expense of petrodollars and investments into South American economies not bring any positive. The older and middle generation of our citizens well remember what happened with the Soviet Union, when the cost of crude oil in the late 80's had fallen to historic lows. If that happens now, no even the most adored and competent politician will not be able to consolidate the society and keep the economy on a high level. The fact is that our homeland well, can not turn away from that sweet cake as the sale of oil and gas. Raw billion barrels and cubic meters sold over the limit, and purchased funds are transferred to the Bucks and fold the bag in exchange. But this bag — nothing else like airbag of the vehicle itself, soaring into the abyss. Do you think it will help out if passengers? The answer specific. It's amazing just what we have in which just step on the same rake investments in the South American economy, and we get more and more powerful blows. Then get up, shake off the dust, and with the power of the latest step on the same tool. Enviable vsepostoyanstvo, do not say anything!

It remains to again expect a man who all the same would put pressure on the brake in the car, so choose another way to move forward.

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