And again, on foot bindings: new minister against

The main news of recent days, related to the Russian armed forces have another plan of the Ministry of Defence in respect of armor. January 14, the Minister Sergei Shoigu said that by the end of 2013 under the title subject odezhki footcloths will be history, and the army will move to a more modern and sophisticated, "attire" for the soldiers' feet. At first glance, the new messages on the form and the attendant things have become normal and expected. But for several reasons dispute about the need and necessity of specific footcloths in recent years, is one of the main topics discussed at various levels. In the current "opposition" footcloths supporters and fans of socks have a sufficient number of arguments, and therefore not in a hurry to accept his point of view, incorrect.

And again on foot bindings: new minister against

In just a few hours after the statement of the minister brought a wealth of comments or other kind. Some officials, professionals and the general public supports the "removal from service" footcloths other part varies in the ability to do so in the foreseeable future, and the third group to comment on the general against similar actions. In general, these ideas have been expected. The fact is that over the last couple of years have been made to transfer the sample to the latest army shoes and related clothing. But, for a change of circumstances boot and foot wraps on shoes and socks, in-1-x, the volume does not want to have gained, while in-2 did not bring tribute effect.

So Makarov, in the hands of the followers of the usual approach to the outfit, which implies winding footcloths came another reason against configurations. In addition, in practice, there is often a nasty situation caused by the "incompatibility" of socks and boot. Because of the number of relevant features of the latest socks, even the so-called Tracking can be quite fast break that does not contribute to the convenience of carrying, even more so in military criteria. As a result, the rejection of footcloths should entail and removal from circulation and boots.

Noteworthy that boots and puttees were excluded from the list of immutable parts of the form of military a couple of years back. But this is an exception in fact bore only a bureaucratic nature. For a variety of circumstances, these elements are preserved and used uniforms to this day. At the same time, their activity using constantly decreasing. In the defense budgets of recent years provides for additional transitional costs army to the latest shoes and socks. So Makar, freshest statements by the Minister of Defence did not seem to promise a complete ban of old times parts of the uniforms, but put a time limit that should be taken into account at the end of many years of work supply services for the transition from footcloths to socks.

Perhaps the main problem of the situation with the rejection of the boot and foot wraps is cash nuance of the case. Because of the number of members of the armed forces of the purchase of a new form element, even with its low cost, eventually leaves the state in a pretty huge waste. Namely, that's why the conclusion of the appeal footcloths did not start today and not yesterday. An additional problem of financial re-supply of temper is the presence in the warehouses of the armed forces has produced a set of shoes. At the beginning of "shoe change" boots on the total number of stores was estimated at 2.8-3 million pairs. After the termination of the latest shoe purchases in the last five or six years, the men did not have time to take down and half of these supplies. It turns out that after giving up a pair of foot bindings, boots lot of an old army shoes would anyone not necessary, and monetary costs of previous years on its purchase will be in vain.

Beat with the financial difficulties of the transition to the new elements of uniforms offered the most common method. According to the Minister Sergei Shoigu, to the end of the transition will be allocated additional money. Judging by the volume of supplies required, the term of the complete failure of the boot and foot wraps, in practice, can significantly move. But the management of the Ministry of Defence, it seems, are determined and will do everything possible for the early redemption of the ordinary, but the cause footcloths claims.

Regardless of the actual timing of the full transition to socks and shoes dispute the need for solutions that will continue. Make out the arguments on both sides. Perhaps the most controversial evidence necessary foot wraps and boots are the inventions of tradition. Certainly, the last two centuries, Russian, Russian and Russian army used again only such uniform items, but the basic premise that still had economic judgment. Two pieces of fabric cost is even cheaper pair of knitted products. At the same time, the vitality of the subject odezhki substantiated by several positive effects. For example, washing and drying footcloths is even simpler than similar procedures in respect of socks. In addition, there is a possibility of a huge number of simultaneous washing footcloths without following required some additional sorting except for division into pairs.

With a single form of foot bindings apply to the use of all military personnel, regardless of the size of his feet. Also, ordinary pieces of fabric allows the soldier to wear shoes without much larger problems: with proper wound all gaps are occupied Footcloths. In the end, the ready footcloths is a very normal process by taking the existing segments suitable fabric and cut into pieces with a size 1. With all of this does not require any sewing supplies: footcloth usually done without overcasting seams and edges, which further protects the foot from possible injuries.

But regular army footcloth is not without its shortcomings. First, is the difficulty of "putting on." Unlike Sock, footcloth fastened in a special way, to be applied after use. This process takes a little more time than putting on socks, and for all that requested special case. So, if not dense winding on Footcloths of bending, which can lead to the coming of chafing and other unpleasant injury. In addition, there is a method frisky obuvaniya boots with foot bindings, which bears the title of "envelope". He asks for even less time, but the payoff for such convenience has to be calculated and the consequences: because of the different location of tissue inside the boot for a long time with that wound does not resemble. In the end, in some cases, likely prepyadstviya with wearing foot wraps and shoe, which is not a fighter adds comfort and does not contribute to increase the combat effectiveness.

It looks like a couple of years back, after weighing all the pros and cons of both options "uniforms for the feet" in the Russian Defense Ministry concluded that the great prospects of shoelace-sock option. Well, judging from the latest to the minister, now the case will be brought to an end. In this case, the task is to discern the likely end of the transition, the issues that face the Department of Defense after the total failure of the foot wraps and boots. Both before and after the completion of all these activities will be the main problem of the quality of shoes and socks. The armed forces, being large and countless formation with the requirements for the Unification of forms must be prepared to shell out a large sum for pereobuvaniya. Even with mass production, significantly reduce co
sts, prices couples solid shoe will not lower the price a pair of boots. In addition, you need to obmyslit financial policy for socks. As though any textile product socks wear, tear and become useless.

So Makar, you need to develop an approach to the replacement of these items clothes. More efficient and good looks in the financial plan approach, in which the army buys solid trekking socks with a suitable life. Depending on the material and manufacturer of a pair of socks can cost 70-80 rubles and above. This is substantially more expensive foot wraps, but all this will not be problems with the "compatibility" of socks and shoe. In addition, high-quality socks should not be accountable to some object that is necessary to issue a certain period without regard to depreciation and, if I may say so, a consumable product, the fighter did not need constant repair socks in anticipation of the latest issue of the pair. Of course, with all the convenience of such approach to be significantly more expensive than the existing. But with all this is a trivial benefit in the form of wearing comfort. Of course, if the faithful performance of all of the respective orders.

It is easy to see that a better method of putting into circulation of socks will entail significant changes in the structure of supply services. It is useful to reconstruct certain mechanisms is also particularly likely to look for corruption schemes. Translation of socks virtually uncontrolled discharge of consumables can attract the attention of various personalities such as bad ensigns of anecdotes. So Makarov, the transition to the new uniform items will claim to the same verbovaniya supervisory structures, such as the military prosecutor's office. However, before the final transfer of socks in the "consumables" for a certain time, these objects on odezhki completely understandable reasons will come in part to the number of missing, causing supply vessels, some officers and ordinary soldiers can get more "headache".

Transition period during which the foot bindings and boots will be replaced with socks and shoes, certainly will not have a very priglyadny view. As usually happens in such cases, fully manifest themselves expected tasks are also likely, there will be new. All of these problems, of course, will not go unnoticed and will be another reason for the renewed debate about the prospects of a species of shoes and poddevaem things under it. Yet, according to the intentions of the Ministry of Defense, all these debates and discussions will either abuse without any real consequences. Military control of the country still decided to update uniforms of the armed forces and is ready for a variety of different kinds of bad consequences, accompanied by any severe configuration.

On the basis of a pretty bold statement, the Minister of Defense Sergei Shoigu on the total elimination of footcloths already by the end of 2013, it can be assumed that there have some kind of plan for the War Department, in accordance with which all the conversion will be completed and work on the transition to the new elements armor. Perhaps some of these plans have been in the past, in the past, Minister. But judging from all the events around the soldier's shoes and shape as a whole, the prior administration Defense just did not have time to finish all planned to convert. Now, it seems, wants to end the control of the Ministry, all configurations are also correct all the mistakes and prevent the emergence of new ones. But we should not forget that transfer all the remaining parts with foot wraps on their toes and not just, well, the case is not fast. So, most recently, there will be new grounds for the resumption of old times of disputes.

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