And again on submarines. New boats and an old rocket

Only that the public found out about the existence of some programs from upgrading the fleet, designed before 2035, as war again began to sound pleasant details of their plans. Earlier, Navy Commander Admiral Vladimir Vysotsky said the Russian submarine in the summer after a very long break, return to fundamental shifts patrolling areas of the oceans.

First out of the news related to submarine Boat Project 955, also known as "Northwind". The number of planned boats of this project is constantly changing. Eventually, in 2011, braked on the amount of eight copies. How can prove to the number in the eight boats has become final — on the day or in the "Kommersant" newspaper, citing a source in the Ministry of Defence said an increase in the planned series of "Boreas" up to 10 ships. In this case, built 10 submarines of Project 955 will be 2020. Maybe this information will not get the official evidence, but we can not exclude the possibility that it is true. But the "extra" two subs can not fit into the planned re-quote programs from 2020. It remains to be expected from the details of the Defense Ministry.

And again on submarines.  New boats and old missiles

While the Ministry has not confirmed nor denied the information about the change of plans for "Boreas". But it is not silent. Almost a couple of days back, Russian Defence Minister Anatoly Serdyukov said the Defense Ministry's plans regarding the already built "Boreas": both built boats of the project, currently being tested on — is "Yuri Dolgoruky" (June 2009) and "Alexander Nevsky "(October 2011) — will be operational by the summer of this year. As can be seen, the adoption of a system of "Yury Dolgoruky" really hampered the work on the final design of the R-30 "Bulava". But the missile tests were successful, and soon it will accept for service. Accordingly, the submarine carrier will be able to enter the fleet.

3rd cancel the news of the last days for the submarines of Project 941 "Akula". From 6 boats built at the moment there are only three: "Dmitry Donskoy" was upgraded to a state 941UM (updated number of systems and provided "compatibility" with missiles "Mace"), and "Arkhangelsk" and "Severstal" is currently in reserve . The remaining three ships were decommissioned and disposed of with the assistance of the United States. Last fall, there were statements about recycling and the remaining "Sharks." But at the moment the Ministry of Defense changed its outlook. The fact that the main prerequisite for the active operation failure Boat Project 941 was the lack of suitable missiles. After the collapse of many Russian Union of R-39 (SS-N-52) was destroyed in fulfillment of international treaties. Also, some of these devices for missiles manufactured in the Soviet republics, at one point became are independent. But, as it turns out, not all of the P-39 went under the knife: Navy Commander Vladimir Vysotsky said that is stored in the warehouses still a certain number of such missiles. Clearly the number, of course, were not called, but the existing missiles is enough to bring two submarines from the reserve. Hardly "Arkhangelsk" and "Severstal" will have time to prepare for the return to be operational by the summer. Yet, to the subsequent year, these boats have time to go out on patrol.

And again on submarines.  New boats and old missiles

So Makar, after completing all the work on the introduction into service of new and replacement submarines, nuclear deterrence potential enemy from the sea will be carried out with the help of 3 main types of strategic missiles:
— R-29RM. Three-stage liquid rocket, used on boats 667BDRM. To replace it in the coming years, it should come modernized version of P-29RMU2 "Blue," and P-29RMU2.1 "Liner";
— R-39. Three-stage liquid rocket. Built for Boat Project 941 "Shark";
— P-30 "Bulava". Bimbo rocket for submarines of the "Borei".

There is reason to believe that the reason for all of the measures outlined above is the desire of the Ministry of Defence as soon as possible to recruit a sufficient number of patrol submarines strategic focus. A necessary prerequisite patrols, in turn, are ordinary and are obvious. And they are connected with the U.S. anti-missile defense. If the U.S. will closely surround territory of Russia missile defense systems, our missiles can be shot down in the boost section of the line movement — where they are more vulnerable. But Submarine which has tremendous mobility than mine and ground launchers. As a result, it's harder to find, and significantly increases the possibility that the most critical part of the missile flight will take place not in the affected area of missile defense. Perhaps it can be called asymmetrical and effective response to missile defense.

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