And Hooray! And Look out! And Matthew Ivanovich!

During the Russian war majestically all the newspapers, radio, newsreels and movies and read as demonstrating that our troops are going to attack the Germans in, shouting: "For the Motherland, for Stalin!". And decades later, we were assured this. At this point, we know that this is not the case.

In the fierce fighting Yelnia our part decently battered Germans, knocking them out of the multiple reference Fri, going on the attack with clicks "Hurrah!". These successful military actions recorded on film Documentary filmmaker who were present there. Material brought to Moscow to make a movie and voiced. The first looked at this military chronicle of Leo Mehlis, head of the Head of the political control of the army. He thanked the cinematographers for unique shots attack, but made the remark: "Our Red Army soldiers going into battle with clicks" Hurrah! "And the king of Russian fighters to attack strolling. Need to come up with something ours, Russian, patriotic. Well, at least our warriors stormed the Germans with a cry of "For the Motherland!" And better — "For the Motherland, for Stalin!". Give voice to this newsreel specifically the case. " Kinohronikery did so. When newsreel shown to Stalin, he was very pleased and gave orders to reward operators. From now on, our soldiers and sailors stormed the enemy on the pages of the press, on the radio, in movies and newsreels with a cry of "For the Motherland, for Stalin!".

Is it in fact? Vasily Dubrovin remembered this episode. He was the commander of the platoon, and the hardest, says people have been raised to the attack. The soldiers were tired, barely able to keep his feet, a bit on the move is not asleep, shooting circle. And does not go on the attack. Then the officer ran to the nurse, took her blueprints, dipped into her handkerchief and tied the bayonet. And when once again go on the attack, called his "Behind blue handkerchief!" (The song "Blue Scarf" in the performance of Claudia Shulzhenko was very popular with the soldiers and commanders) — all gone.

People's Artist of the Russian Federation Viktor Balashov, a voice that sounded almost half a century on television, the boy went to the front, fought a war in the exploration of the boundary of a cavalry regiment of the NKVD, was seriously wounded, marked by the Order of the Red Star — twice Russian war and many medals. He put it this way: "For the Motherland, for Stalin!" I yelled. And no one is screaming. Only in the tanks was this inscription. "

This was read as many veterans. "Hurrah!" — Yes, shouting. Marines went on the attack with clicks "Look out!". Battle cry not only appropriated the spirit, and, importantly, served as a voice communication soldiers and commanders. And, remember the veterans who were shouting, "Mom!". Not without a mat, and he needed to see was vserasprostranennym battle cry of all our troops. This was famously said in one of his own interview with People's Artist of the USSR Yevgeny Vesnik: "On the front is often sounded our native "Matthew I.." Here, for example, I would give this command: "Attention! Pull cords! Fifteen seconds of the shot! Fire! ", I would consider to be a spy. And I filed a command: "Attention! Your mom! Tighten, your mom, cords! Your mom, fifteen, your mom, second shot! Your mom! Fire! Mom Your! ". The full text, of course. And everything was in order. And I do think without the "Mata Ivanovich," we would have fought for a long time. "

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