And not a Chechen, Russian and Nazi, and Russian hit man, and …

And not a Chechen, Russian and Nazi, and not a Russian hit man, and ...Maybe not the place of this article to share, "Military Review," but in the context of a series of publications nedavneshnih on this website about rusofobstvo in the world, I decided nevertheless to locate and announce some thought.

For a quiet Ukraine, the actions of those "Odessa", and it is taking the gang Dikayev or storming bank in Donetsk — are a serious shock for both the media and society as a whole. That nedavneshnie bloody event in the shopping center "Caravan" of the town of Kiev, was the top events already as of the second week. Already almost since the Sept. 26, and that since the atrocities in all the Ukrainian media trumpeted about this, of course, the disaster. But what is most fascinating and annoying, is that systematically instilled such stamps, "the Russian killer", "Russian neo-Nazi, "" Gang member Chechen Dikayev. " As a result, once again exploded forums and websites. Russophobic a wave of indignation, and especially the "experts" in the major programs have started to read this criminal example, the likely disadvantages in case of integration with Russia. Like, the whole country in the same barbaric!

But the reality was terrible and even with a little bit of drama. Killer of 3 guards hypermarkets and wounding the fourth, was a Ukrainian, and just the average Ukrainian, Galician and real Jaroslav Mazuruk of Lviv region. But what to say here? No desire to assimilate and yell in the "return line". Just wonder: "Who and when will be responsible for misinformation and deliberate provocation?" For someone first, published such headline: " Russian neo-Nazi"And so on? It's time to punish such a conscious slip of the tongue with the wording for inciting ethnic hatred.

As far as the killer after all, sincerely hope that it will delay already in the coming days.

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