And the stones have ears: a new tool for the Pentagons intelligence

Have not forgotten scandal in 2006 with the British intelligence apparatus for transmitting disk imaging, disguised as a rock. Certain actions and statements of winter this year has once again reminded that "miracle aggressive techniques." Now there is another news concerning stones with silicon-textolite "stuffing." It became clear that the U.S. military, even after withdrawal from Afghanistan do not want to neglect a situation and are going to keep it under control. In this case, the Pentagon is going to receive information not only from the representatives of the Afghan government, and their own ways.

At present, the company Lockheed Martin commissioned by the South American Defense Ministry is developing a family of small-sized reconnaissance equipment, which will be able to collect a variety of information. According to reports, the order provides for the creation of electrical gadgets disguised as objects of the landscape. So Makar, an ordinary-looking stone will be able to receive radio signals to record photos and videos, sound, and even removed from the land seismic vibrations.

And the stones have ears: a new tool for the Pentagon's intelligence
Despite its small size, the latest generation of sensors equipped sophisticated communication systems and surveillance (photo

In 2014, before leaving Afghanistan, the South American military will position several thousand units of such equipment in certain areas of the country. The purpose of the operation of the ordinary — to ensure timely detection of movements in certain areas. The fact is that due to the nature of Afghan terrain some areas are not only uninhabited, and even visited by people. In these areas, the terrorists may have relaxed their bases without fear of being found by the peaceful population or patrols. At the current time searching camps fighters engaged the South American pilots, but after they left the Afghan authorities can not cope with this task. To do this, and it is planned to use in the Asian country South American technique.

Even in the past year, the Pentagon ordered a half thousand small seismic sensors. They were located in certain areas of Afghanistan and report on movement of transport operators and people "entrusted" to them areas. Allegedly, specifically disguised seismic sensors in the past few months CONTRIBUTE kill several gang caravans. Other details of the introduction of modern equipment not disclosed. But it is clear that the order of 7500 "stones" with electronics for a couple of years in operation on the border of the United States and Mexico. According to the available disk imaging, the number of sensors is sufficient for covering 25-30% of the border. Devices the size of a hockey puck has long enjoyed a South American customs officers and border guards. Comparable deshevenky apparatus laid in a suitable place and within 3 months transmits signals to the control on the movement of any object within the act. Usually sensors to work at the border are calibrated in such a way that the "pinpoint" the movement of cars, but when needed, they can operate on human footsteps.

And the stones have ears: a new tool for the Pentagon's intelligence

At the current time, Lockheed Martin is experiencing a refreshed version of the ground-based sensors. Among the innovations the next model came less energy, helping power the apparatus not a battery and solar powered; acoustics of the audible spectrum, and the possibility of creating a network of sensors. Latest know-how will allow to collect up to 50 devices to a single information structure that will facilitate the detection zone has got the following acts of the object and tracking it. In the future, the designers "Lockheed Martin" rely integrate sensor networks into a single coherent and information systems security services and law enforcement agencies. Technical details of the project, completely understandable reasons, has not yet been made public, but the financial side of things is a cause for pride of electronics specialists. According to the "Lockheed Martin", a new apparatus the sensors will cost a bit more than a thousand bucks, that by today's standards is not such a big cost for such equipment. Also, due to the use of rechargeable BATTERY, will significantly increment lifetime. In pursuit of the cheapening of the device, the engineers decided to use the already utilized in the manufacture of lithium-ion batteries, like those used in civilian electronics. Selected for the new device model BATT has already passed the tests, where it was recharged 80 thousand times. Naturally, it is unlikely electronics of the "spy stone" live a number of charge cycles, but is said to Lockheed Martin, just 20 years old apparatus will work without replacing the BATT and electrical components.

Noteworthy that "Lockheed Martin" is not the only company engaged in the creation of such equipment. Camgian Microsystems introduced not so long ago, a small radar installation, curb phased array. Range radar acts that do not exceed a few meters of the 10-s, but even at the highest distance it is able to distinguish the car from a pedestrian, passenger car and a truck. Now the development of Camgian Microsystems has no power to masquerade as furnishings. The fact that it needs a work measured or external energy source, or a sufficiently large solar batteries. The claimed the life of micro-radar is the same as that of the seismic sensors "Lockheed" — more than 20 years.

Subsequently, both types of maskable sensors will be used to control the movements in certain areas, in the preparation for operation. The main advantage of the intelligence implementation of this instrument lies in the fact that the sensors can "dispel" with an unmanned aircraft and necessary information will be produced without the risk of loss of human intelligence-gathering. If necessary equipment can be collected and used again.

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