Announcement: The results of the two weeks of freedom of speech

Over the Company's These questions in the "Prague accent" reason: blogger Victor Maliszewski, editor of the online publication "Belma" Cyril Pozniak and a columnist for our radio Vitaly Tsigankov.

Listen to transfer to Sunday, December 5, at 18-30.

Here are some fragments of the transfer.

Pozniak: To increase his fame and popularity all the candidates, even clumsy Dmitry Uss … None of the alternative candidates did electoral explosion … public relations campaign Lukashenko as strong as ever … We are after the first appearances of candidates did a survey in the center of Minsk, and almost half of the respondents spoke of liking to Lukashenko … The crowd of candidates — the largest find of powers

Maliszewski: In this election, there were candidates who were trying to distance himself and the power, and the opposition — is Romanchuk and Michalevic …. In STATKEVICH I saw a candidate "against all" … One of the great said: "If the arena 12 clowns, even if you're among them will quote Shakespeare, the audience will see you as the 13th clown."

Tsigankov: We instinctively feels, and this is consistent with the results of sociological research that whiteRussian language and white-red-white flag — it's not those things which are able to provide the support of most opposition candidates … It should be recognized that for all those local successes that we can point to the debates and certain moves of the opposition candidates, a huge request for a change there. Not to listen to these candidates as the 1989 session of Congress listened to the people's deputies of the USSR.

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