Anti-aircraft automatic small-bore artkompleks «Mesbah-1 (Iran)

Iranian anti-aircraft gun Mesbah-1 is a system for short-range near-protection. The main purpose — to defeat the enemy air targets at low and very low altitudes.

Mesbah-1 created by Iranian designers on the basis of Russian anti-aircraft twin-caliber 23mm ZU-23-2. Is a continuation of work previously done by ZAC «Mesbah», first developed around 2000. He had three sets of type ZU-23-2 (6 barrels). Information about the introduction into service and the creation of none.

Small-caliber anti-aircraft automated artkompleks «Mesbah-1" (Iran)

Structurally AA artkompleks Mesbah-1 consists of four types of the memory units 23-2 to complete a number of shafts 8 units. The complex comes MSAs, three-dimensional radar (control module).

Small-caliber anti-aircraft automated artkompleks «Mesbah-1" (Iran)

For the first time on the system Mesbah-1 started talking in 2010, when presented with a demonstration of the system of air defense air defense Mersad, while undergoing testing and tests. The system will be part of air defense units and will provide air defense infrastructure, military units, personnel and equipment from cruise missiles, rockets, helicopters, drones and low-flying aircraft. Around 2010 began mass creation. Armament artillery system, consisting of eight paired in two artillery guns, carried out on the rotating part, and set on wheels. Any of the four systems of the ZU-23-2 achieved its ammunition feed system. Voiced rate of anti-aircraft artillery system 8000 rds / min.

Mesbah-1 has a 4 wheel move from anti-aircraft "Samavat" caliber 23mm and moved by a military truck.

Small-caliber anti-aircraft automated artkompleks «Mesbah-1" (Iran)

Prior to the deployment of combat artillery pieces mounted on three legs, and wheel assembly is taking shape. Anti-aircraft artillery system is one hundred percent integrated with the guidance systems and surveillance radar and electro-optical devices. They are mounted on the cab roof towed separately (module). For automatic detection and guidance artkompleksa and setting goals (IFF) used radar and optical sensors control module. The data is transmitted to the fire control system equipment that automatically suggest the complex instruments at the target. The tools are guided by a drive machine. Shooting is automatic, on the radar. This solution reduces the human loss in the defeat artkomplesa because management tools do not need a crew.

AA artkompleks provided «Planar Radar Array» which provides detection of air targets such as "Rocket" at ranges up to 30 km. Accessories — Spare system control and guidance. When working only optical systems artkompleks able to find targets at a distance of 10 km. MSA began imposing gun after Merit targets 10 km zone. 20 seconds before entering a zone offense zenith artkompleksa control module will decide about the defeat or passage of purpose.

The main features:
— Artillery system — 4 ZSU "ZU-23-2";
— the number of trunks — 8 units;
— caliber — 23mm;
— range of fire — 3 km;
— Height destroys targets — 2 km;
— horizontal angles guidance — 360 degrees;
— rate — 8000 rds / min;
— installed equipment: radar «Planar Radar Array», opto-electronic equipment.

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