Anti-aircraft missile and gun system Armour-C1

Maximum efficiency and sustainability of military air defense system in almost all depend on the introduction of its advanced air defense systems near universal act, united by a common control system and coordination with anti-aircraft complexes distant act (ZKDD).
ZKDD capable of destroying aircraft tactical and strategic enemy aircraft at a range of 200-400 km, and aircraft — jammers, which lowers the level of air defense electronic countermeasures. Coupled with the fact they are not effective in repelling low-flying targets at close range and practice
cally vulnerable to pinpoint missiles HARM.
Air defense systems to protect a loved acts ZKDD and means of radio shock troops of all types of high-precision weapons, including rockets HARM, are also used to enhance the combat air defense groups in small and as low altitudes.
With self-use complex near the acts provide specific defense and pinpoint the important point (more than 70% of the total number of defended), military, industrial, energy and other objects.
In the process of development activities have been significantly improved anti-aircraft complex close характеристикиперспективного acts "Pan-tsir-C1":
— increased distant border zone lesions (more than 20 km), which excludes the use of airplanes and helicopters with a mass of samples WTO acts such as short-range SD "Maverick" ATGM "Hellfire", "Hot" and guided air bombs;
— increased to 15 km altitude defeat tactical aircraft that almost 10 km distance exceeds the implementation of existing facilities and absolutely exclude the possibility of flying aircraft over the zone defense "Armour-C1";
— expanded (to 180 °) sector and the likely simultaneous firing four goals high-speed missiles, which provides a reflection of the massive attacks of all types of the WTO, including anti-radar missiles such as HARM.
At the current time, anti-aircraft defenses at low altitudes based on the combined use of missile and gun systems. All armies have anti-aircraft self-propelled or towed guns: 35-mm gun mount Gepard (Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands), 35-mm towed guns firm Oerlikon (Spain, Turkey, England, Greece, Canada), 25-mm gun mount Sidam (Italy) , 30-mm gun mount MCA-13 (France), 20-mm gun mount M741 (M163) Vulkan (USA), etc.

The target type of small targets after the defeat of the complex ZRPK "Armour-C1 '(N = 250 m, D = 19 km)

Only cannons with the lowest response time and a small firing range allows to destroy targets at the maximum low-level flight. It is different when firing on all types of remotely piloted vehicles, guided missiles, airplanes, helicopters and ground armored and unarmored targets.
In terms of composition — carriers, detection and tracking of targets, the control system — anti-aircraft gun and missile systems are similar.
In air defense systems being developed in the State Unitary Enterprise "CBI", according to a constructive solution combines two types of weapons — rocket and cannon, which allowed for a relatively small increase (10-15%) of the price of one hundred percent pure cannon avoid the creation of systems. And this in turn makes it possible to reduce the range and number of complexes, as well, and the price of anti-aircraft defense near the act twice. Operating experience of previously developed SUE "PCU" anti-aircraft missile launchers of muscle complexes "Tunguska" in the Army, and "Chestnut", a Navy absolutely confirmed the correctness of the choice of air defense systems with combined arms. At the moment, the creation of separate gun systems impractical.
In general, the implementation in a complex missile and gun armament adaptive control system determines its highest tactical and technical characteristics and puts "Armour-C1" in a number of more promising samples highbrow guns XXI century.
At the current time tests anti-aircraft complex "Armour-C1" completed its preparations for the series production in 2007.
The complex huge modernization tional capacity, which will provide him the lead and the highest competitiveness in the long term. Proof of this intention Arab Emirates to buy 50 sets of air defense missile systems.

The target type PKR "Harpoon" after the defeat of the complex ZRPK "Armour-C1 '(H = 18 m, D = 10 km)

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