Anti-aircraft missile system S-300V

Anti-aircraft missile system S-300V
Anti-aircraft missile system S-300V ((9K81) is designed for the defense of troops and important military and civilian objects from massive ballistic missiles tactical purposes (such as "Lance", "Pershing"), aeroballistic (such as SRAM) and cruise missiles (type ALCM), aircraft of strategic and tactical aircraft, loitering directors jamming, attack helicopters in the air and difficult noise conditions, when administered to hide behind the troops maneuver warfare. S-300B — the first universal mobile missile and anti-aircraft defense.

The developer of the S-300V is generally electromechanical Research Institute (NIEMI) (Chief Designer, VP Efremov). System tests were carried out on the landfill Emba Head Missile and Artillery Directorate (Grau) Defense in 1985-1986. The full set of combat means of S-300B was adopted by the Air Defense NE in 1988. Front-line air defense missile brigade S-300B intended to substitute Army-front anti-aircraft missile brigades SAM 2K11 "Circle". Highest fighting ability and mobility complexes confirmed combat-shooting and special exercises. For example, in the exercise "0borona-92" of the complex provides the first defeat aircraft missiles and ballistic missiles destroyed it at a rate of less than 2-Zour.

In the West, received the designation SAM — SA-12 Gladiator / Giant.

The complex has bolshennymi skills upgrading. Thus, the concern "Antey" has developed a deep modernization of the C-300B — S-300VM "Antey-2500". "Antey-2500" — a universal means of missile and air defense, capable of great fight as ballistic missiles with a range of 2500 km run, and with all kinds of aerodynamic and aeroballistic purposes. In the S-300VM employs new anti-aircraft missiles with extended range, the spectrum, developed by overload (up to 30 units) and reduced in half the time of launching. Upgraded radar system, which led to a significant increase of the energy potential. Using improved computational tools and integrated systems for topographic positioning, navigation and orientation conducted combat operations optimization algorithms. These and other improvements have allowed twice, compared with C-300B, the highest increment and range of the system (up to 200 miles), improve the speed limit destroyed goals from 3000 to 4500 m / s, and destroyed range ballistic missiles and significantly lower the reaction system. Full automation of combat operations, the highest operational reliability, the use of modern means of finding and eliminating defects caused the least number of calculations. War machines capable of performing complex lengthy marches over rough terrain and take positions for shooting without any preparatory training.

The composition of the S-300V (S-300VM)

Anti-aircraft missile system S-300V

9S457 command post (9S457M).
Radar radial review "Review-3" 9C15M (9S15M2).
Radar program review "Ginger" 9S19M2.
The multi-channel missile guidance station (ICSD) 9S32 (9S32M).
Launchers: 9A83 (9A83M) — with 4 missiles 9M83 (9M83M), 9A82 (9A82M) — with 2 missiles 9M82 (9M82M).
Puskozaryazhayuschie Position: 9A85 (9A85M), 9A84 (9A84M).
Technical Assistance:
— means of rocket-technical support (PTO) — AKIPS 9V91 set 9T325 handling equipment, transport vehicles.
— facilities maintenance and repair (MOT and P) — car maintenance (9V868-1, 1R15, 9V879-1), machinery repair and maintenance (9V898-1, 1R16), group ZIP 9T447-1;
— training facilities (CTF) — 9F88 training device for training based ICSD 9S32, mass-size mock-Zour, teaching acting missiles.

KP 9S457M provides automatic military operation of all air defense missile systems, operating as part of a single system, the analysis of the air and the establishment of a more insecure goals between them rassredotachivanie firepower, target designation systems for ICSD and commands to the destruction of ends chosen, as the interaction with the superior command pt. Exchange of data with the radar, ICSD and higher CP occurs in telecode mode.

Anti-aircraft missile system S-300V

Three-coordinate radar radial review (9S15M2, 9S15MT2E, 9S15MV2E) of the "Review-3" centimeter spectrum is used to control the air space, the detection and tracking of all types of aerodynamic targets at ranges of up to 250 km, tactical ballistic and cruise missiles, their identification and determination, issuance of the CP disk imaging radar anti-aircraft system.

Radar sector review (9S19ME) such as "Ginger" with PAR provides search, detection and tracking of ballistic and cruise missiles, aerodynamic and aerodynamic targets in the sector of air space according to the CO with the CP system, the issue of a disk imaging on them, and to identify areas places covered with electronic jamming.

Anti-aircraft missile system S-300V

Triaxial ICSD 9S32ME Phased Array (PAR) in the centimeter range solves puzzles search, detection and tracking of simultaneous clear in a designated sector of up to 12 air targets, including low-altitude, destination and SAM launchers for the desired type of fire, issuing the necessary data targeting, as the team on the launch of the rocket. Outside the station from its own layout (9S32) from the S-300B is different geometrical dimensions of the enlarged aerial fabric.

SAM two-stage solid vertical launch of both types are made of aerodynamic configuration "bearing cone" and provide a defeat: 9M83ME — maneuvering aircraft, tactical cruise (such ALCM) and ballistic (like "Scud" and "Lance") missiles; 9M82ME — warheads of tactical ballistic and aeroballistic (like "Pershing" and SRAM) missiles, aircraft and directors jamming at a range of up to 100 km.

Anti-aircraft missile system S-300V

PU 9A83ME provides transportation, storage, preparation, entering the flight mission and launch missiles from TPK 4 9M83ME second type of command transmission line adjustment movements of their flight and the continuous illumination of the target. In addition, the launcher provides management coupled with her 9M84ME ROM with 2 missiles of the first type (9M82ME), putting them in the flight plan, the launch and the following guidance to the target.

ROM 9A84ME serves
to transport 2-Zour 9M82ME first type TPK, charge and discharge launcher, the embodiment of the target missile launch, charging (discharging, recharging) themselves rockets to transport cars and other present either from the ground.

In normal air conditions management missiles with active radar homing (GOS) is the method of proportional navigation with the transition to self-direction in 10 seconds before the arrival at the target. In the presence of massive retaliatory missile radar interference is induced on the target command and inertial control system with the transition to self-direction in the last 3 seconds of the flight. The goal is affected high-explosive fragmentation warhead acts directed with proximity fuse. SAM operated in a sealed WPK for 10 years without routine maintenance and inspections. Unified design of both missiles and differ among themselves launching boosters.

All military assets of S-300B is located on standardized self-propelled tracked chassis of the highest terrain, improving standardized means of autonomous power, navigation, orientation, topographic location, life support, telecode and speech radio and telephone communications. There are integrated automatic multifunction control to ensure frisky finding replacement element faulty equipment, devices deployed in the firing position and collapse in the stowed position.

Anti-aircraft missile battalion C-300B consists of: 9S457 gearbox, 9S15M radar, radar 9S19M2 and 4 anti-aircraft missile batteries, each of which included: a multi-channel missile guidance station 9S32, two launchers 9A82, one pre-loading installation 9A84, 9A83 four launchers and two puskozaryazhayuschie installation 9A85.

Anti-aircraft missile brigade consists of: from the automatic gearbox (point of command and control, from the ACS "Polyana-D4 '), with a radar post, which included the review of the radar radial 9S15M, program review 9S19M2 radar, radar standby 1L13 and item processing radar disk imaging PORI-P1, three- four air defense missile battalion.

Tactical and technical characteristics: C-300B (S-300VM)

Affected area aerodynamic targets, km:
range — 100 (200)
height — 0.025-30 (0.025-30);
The affected area of ballistic targets, km
range — 40 (40)
height — 1-25 (1-30)
The highest rate of the targeted objectives, m / c — 3000 (4500)
The largest range of shooting the targeted BR, m / c — 1100 (2500)
Number of targets at once shelled division — 24 (24)
The number of missiles, immediately induced division — 48 (48)
Rate of fire with one launcher, c — 1.5 (1.5)
Time to prepare for launch missiles, c — 15 (7.5)
Time to transfer the system from standby in combat, c — 40 (40)
Ammunition SAM division — 96-192 (144)
The possibility of hitting the target type:
BR "Lance" missiles 9M83 one — 0.5-0.65 (-)
one aircraft missiles 9M83 — 0.7-0.9 (-)
head of the rocket "Pershing" missiles 9M82 one — 0.4-0.6 (-)
SRAM one rocket missiles 9M82 — 0.5-0.7 (-).

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