Anti-aircraft missile system S-300VM 9K81M ATNEY-2500 (SA-12 Giant / Gladiator)

Anti-aircraft missile system S-300VM 9K81M "ATNEY-2500" (SA-12 Giant / Gladiator)

Launcher 9A82 (with SAM-1) of S-300B

Mobile universal missile and antiaircraft system S-300VM "Antey-2500" refers to the newcomer generation systems and anti-aircraft missile defense (MD-PSO). It is designed for the defense of fundamental municipal, military and industrial facilities of troops from ballistic and aerodynamic air attack. "Antey-2500" — the world's only universal means of missile and air defense, capable of great fight as ballistic missiles with a range of 2500 km run, and with all kinds of aerodynamic and aeroballistic purposes.

System "Antey-2500" is able to fire at once 24 aerodynamic targets, including the subtle objects, or 16 ballistic missiles with an effective reflecting surface (EPR) to 0.02 m2, soaring at speeds up to 4500 m / s.

Anti-aircraft missile system S-300VM 9K81M "ATNEY-2500" (SA-12 Giant / Gladiator)

Launcher 9A83 (with SAM-2) of S-300B

In "Antey-2500" uses the new developed KB Novator, missiles and 9M82M 9M83M while maintaining a constant mass-dimensional characteristics, principles of guidance and principles of conduct of military equipment missile 9M82, 9M83 system S-300V. They possess a much greater range of acts over the highest efficiency of all types of lesions tactical and operational-tactical ballistic missiles and aeroballistic. With all this maneuvering rockets 9M82M properties, 9M83M significantly increased, enabling striking actively maneuvering targets.

The possibility of high-speed anti-ballistic targets with less reflective surface is achieved by increasing the stroke of radar information tools and optimization techniques for processing radar signals.

Anti-aircraft missile system S-300VM 9K81M "ATNEY-2500" (SA-12 Giant / Gladiator)

Pre-loading installation 9A84ME of S-300VM

Full automation of combat operations, the highest operational reliability, the use of modern means of finding and eliminating defects caused the least number of calculations and do not require a huge time for their training.

Rockets 9M82M designed to destroy tactical and operational-tactical and medium-range ballistic missiles, as aerodynamic targets at a distance of 200 km. With all this rocket controlled all the the line of motion of the flight.

Rockets 9M83M created for the destruction of small and mid-range tactical and operational-tactical missiles, as aerodynamic purposes.

Both types of missiles can be used in the army for more than 10 years without inspections, and maintenance.

Anti-aircraft missile system S-300VM 9K81M "ATNEY-2500" (SA-12 Giant / Gladiator)

Radar radial review

The composition of combat means the S-300VM "Antey-2500" includes:

9S457M command post;
Radar radial angle (CA) 9S15M2;
Radar program review (software) "Ginger" (9S19M2) — to detect ballistic missile warheads, missiles aeroballistic SRAM and loitering aircraft jammers at ranges of up to 100 km;
four SAMs.
Each SAM included:

multi-channel missile guidance station 9S32M;
launchers 2-types: 9A83M — with 4 missiles and 9M83M 9A82M — with 2 missiles 9M82M;
puskozaryazhayuschie installation (ROM) 2-types (9A85M — for work with Launchers and missiles 9A83M 9M83M and 9A84M — to work with PU 9A82M and 9M82M SAM) as the means of technical support and maintenance.
The lead designer and developer of the S-300VM is generally Concern "Antey", as companies involved in the production of the S-300V.

Anti-aircraft missile system S-300VM 9K81M "ATNEY-2500" (SA-12 Giant / Gladiator)

Radar sector review

All combat funds system located on the holding of the highest maneuverability and agility, equipped with navigation equipment, survey and win-orientation unified tracked chassis designed by "Kirov Plant", as applied to the S-300V.

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