Anti-aircraft missile system S-400 Triumph in the details

Anti-aircraft missile system S-400 "Triumph" entered service April 28, 2007 by the Government of the Russian Federation. In 2007, the Red Guards Anti-Aircraft missile the first regiment in the Army Air Force of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation rearming this AAMS. Accordingly created logistical base to and training of personnel of the regiment. August 6, 2007 in Moscow atonement for combat duty 1st Division command post and the AAMS With-400. According to a plan battle training personnel of the regiment a year makes fighting fire in one of the Air Force landfills.

It should be noted that the mobile SAMs own more than the highest RF performance characteristics in comparison with similar zabugornom complexes, including South American, anti-missile means of attack and can be deployed rapidly in the TMD Euro community.

At the current time, and the short-term base of fire damage missile attack in flight can make the Air Force air defense missile systems S-300 and S-400. They are designed for air defense military factions and important objects from the blows cruise, aeroballistic and tactical ballistic missiles and tactical mission, also on airplanes military, tactical and strategic aircraft. They provide an effective reflection of the massive raids of modern means of air attack in the criteria for saturated electronic oppression and able to do battle puzzle in all weather criteria of days and NIGHT MODE.

System S-400 surpasses the South American "Patriot" in many respects. In today's battle to overcome the defense rate is often done at low altitude. The vertical launch missiles S-400 can fire at targets, soaring with at least some direction without turning launchers. Complex "Patriot" because of the oblique run in the maneuver battlefield must deploy launchers either in advance to arrange them on a missile-threat directions, which constantly leads to a decrease in firing abilities. An important factor is the time of transfer of the complex from marching into the firing position. If the Russian complex is translated into the firing position for less than 5 minutes, the Yankees need for it for 30 minutes.

A short description of the main design features of the S-400

The system of "Triumph" is designed for high performance protection of important political, administrative, economic and military facilities from air strikes, cruise strategic, tactical and operational-tactical ballistic missiles and medium-range ballistic missiles in the criteria for acts of combat and electronic countermeasures.

The system provides:
• defeat of air targets at ranges of up to 250 km;
• loss of non-strategic ballistic missiles at ranges of up to 60 km;
• the higher the possibility of defeat all types of goals at the expense of efficient algorithms for missile guidance systems and military equipment and missiles 48N6EZ 48N6E2
• higher noise immunity;
• standalone solution combat missions;
• the possibility of integration into the air defense groups.

The structure of the AAMS include the following elements:

Control means 30K6E:
• command and control point 55K6E;
• RFCs detection 91N6E.

Up to 6 anti-aircraft missile systems 98ZH6E each consisting of:
• functional radar 92N6E;
• up to 12 PU 5P85TE2 and / or 5P85SE2 with 4 missiles in transport-launch containers for each PU.

Attached by means of an option:
• all-altitude radar 96L6E
• Mobile tower 40V6M to the antenna post from the 92N6E.

The main properties of S-400 "Triumph"

The number of tracked targets at once to 300

Field of view RFCs (azimuth x elevation), degree:
— Aerodynamic purposes 360×14
— Ballistic targets 60 x 75

Affected area in range, km:
— Aerodynamic goal 3 … 250
— Ballistic targets 5 … 60

Small / maximum height destroys targets, km
— Aerodynamic 0.01 / 27
— Ballistic 2/27

The highest rate destroys targets, m / s 4800
Quantity directly engaged targets 36
The number of missiles at once induced 72
Deployment time means the system from the march, min 5

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