Anti-aircraft missile troops by 2020, one hundred percent perevooruzhat — Air Force Commander

Anti-aircraft missile troops by 2020, fully perevooruzhat - Air Force CommanderAll units of the anti-aircraft missile troops to the Russian Air Force 2020 year will be rearmed with modern missile systems With-400, "Hero" and rocket-gun complexes "Shell-S1", — said Friday the Russian Air Force Commander Lt. Gen. Victor Bondarev.

"Before 2020 it is planned to re-equip all units of the air defense forces of promising samples of weapons — first, it's anti-aircraft missile systems With-400, "Hero" and AA rocket-gun complex "Shell-C1", "- said Bondarev, speaking on the military-practical conference" Common Sky, "dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the Russian Air Force.

Bondarev also said that modern air defense systems, which are armed with anti-aircraft missile troops, do not concede zabugornom analogues, and some indicators even surpass them.

"At the current time, these troops armed with modern technology for 100%: at armed with S-400, S-300, various modifications and "Shell-C1", "- said Bondarev.

A fifth set of the regimental S-400 will be located in the suburbs or elsewhere in the Western Military Area, told journalists Assistant Defense Minister Colonel General Alexander Zelin said.

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