Any ancient fish could come ashore

Mudskippers in their natural habitat (photo georgetiew).Prygatelnye ability of modern fish biologists have put the idea that the ability to travel by land was potentially almost all fish antiquity. Zoologists from the University of Northern Arizona (USA) came in their research to a rather surprising conclusion: in their view, almost any fish in the past could come ashore. One of the main conditions for life on earth — the ability to move around on it. That is, we immediately begin to think of powerful pectoral and pelvic fins are arranged so that the water coming out of the fish could rely on them.

If you do not count the proverbial crossopterygian Latimer that survives its strongly drawn-century somewhere in the depths of the ocean, a body structure we demonstrate Mudskippers. Although they breathe through gills, their way of life is more like amphibians. Pectoral fins jumpers are actually used as a support when moving on land. But moving the fish jumps, starting from the ground tail.

As it turned out, not only Mudskippers capable of such acrobatics. The researchers, writing in the film jumps of several different species of fish have come to the conclusion that most of them did not play Mudskippers. Movement of the tail, which is used to jump, there were all the same pattern. In other words, the ability to move on land jumps could develop in fish "in due course", and not as a rare exception. In sight of zoologists first got known inhabitant of mangrove swamps Rivulus marmoratus, «amphibious" fish, which at the time of drought temporarily adapts to breathe atmospheric air. One can assume that the "amphibious" properties R. marmoratus could arise later, after the ability to jump on the land.

Yes, the picture is impressive: a myriad of ancient fish year after year relentlessly stormed Coast waters. On the other hand, these studies are literally on the border that divides the opening of the Ig Nobel Prize, so that the hypothesis of evolution of endemic fish jumping to land urgently needs further evidence.

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