Apocalypse 2012. Panic is growing.


Expectations that the Mayan prediction comes true and there will come in 2012 will be the last for mankind, causing havoc all over the world. Some are thinking about suicide, while others, wanting to save their lives, rushed to buy space in bunkers, writes The Daily Mail.

Apocalypse, according to the Mayan calendar, must come December 21. On this day, as the sign of a temple in Tortuguero, will come down from heaven, god of war, and will end once the cycle of development of the world.

In NASA now receive dozens of emails every day from people who are afraid of the end of the world. Many seriously talk about suicide. "Yesterday, I was wondering about to kill himself, his unborn child and a favorite year-old daughter, as I am afraid the end of the world" — says the young Dane. In another letter, 13-year-old American woman admits: "I am considering suicide. I am scared to tears … I do not want to live anymore."


Worried about people buying up all sorts of means of salvation, from the Survival Guide and finishing places in bunkers for $ 50,000. Enterprising businessmen engaged in the construction of luxury hideaways, ask: "What if the prophecies are true? On which side of the door you want to be?"

A sign of Tortuguero



At the site of one of the firms involved in the sale of seats in the bunkers, it is argued that "saving" ticket already purchased five thousand Americans, and now the company is building a shelter in Europe. "We're not crazy: Now just such times. My family wants to be saved. We have to be ready," — explains his action one of the company's customers. "This is an investment in life," — adds another buyer.

While some strive to find salvation in artificial shelters, the tens of thousands of others who believe in the imminent apocalypse, flock to the small French town Byugarash, located in the foothills of the Pyrenees. They believe that the mountain near the town has a mystical power to protect those who escapes there on the offensive end of the world.

However, so far not even clear what would be the apocalypse, as the Maya have left at this point no explanation. There are many versions. Some argue that the Earth will destroy an asteroid or a black hole. Another problem, which is expected in December 2012 — a massive gravitational effect of the planets in the solar system that are lined up in a row and somehow fatally affect the Earth. The most popular theory of space — on collision with the Earth a mysterious planet Nibiru, which is for the time hiding behind the Sun.

Scientists claim that the fears of the end of the world devoid of all foundation. Archaeologists say that the Mayan calendar terminates December 31, 2012, simply because there was no need to make it last longer. Recently, experts have reassured the public NASA.

And last week, came to the aid of the "Great sorcerer" Mexico's Antonio Vazquez, who said that in the coming year, the apocalypse is not expected. However, it is worth noting that Vazquez has made mistakes in forecasts. For example, in 2008, he predicted the death of Britney Spears. The singer has been known to live to this day, and even to get married again.

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