Apocalypse begins! In the 28 countries are waiting for the tsunami


Tsunami warning has been announced in 28 countries around the world. The cause for alarm was a series of unprecedented earthquake that swept along the coast of Indonesia. On the islands of panic starts to Phuket can not fly thousands of tourists …

In particular, we are talking about Indonesia, India, Sri Lanka, Australia, Myanmar, Thailand, Maldives, Malaysia, Mauritius, Seychelles, Pakistan, Oman, Madagascar, Iran, UAE, Yemen, Bangladesh, Tanzania, Kenya, South Africa, Singapore and other states. The degree of probability as the tsunami attack on the coast of the country, as well as the possible consequences of the impact of a huge wave for different countries are different. It is assumed that the most severe blow will come from the northern part of the island of Sumatra. Recall, that there has been a strong impetus to the first magnitude 8.7.

The epicenter was located 308 miles south-west of the city of Banda Aceh — the capital of the province of Aceh. The tremors were felt in Thailand, India and Singapore. Then there was a series of aftershocks. Indian tsunami warning center said substantially probable collapse of the wave height of about six meters on the east coast of the Indian peninsula and the Andaman and Nicobar Islands.

Strong tremors were terrified residents of Indian cities Chennai, Kolkata and Guwahati.

Hindus sincerely hope that the tsunami did not come down on the famous Indian resort of Goa, which is located in the west of the peninsula. However, despite the soothing assurances of local authorities in Goa atmosphere more tense. Especially worried people after the announcement of the local seismological center that absolute guarantee of safety of the resort, he can not give.

In turn, neighboring Thailand started to actively evacuate the civilian population and tourists from almost all coastal areas of Phuket, Krabi, Ranong, Phang Nga, Trang and Satun.

Phuket among tourists began to panic. After hearing about a possible tsunami approaching campers rushed to the airport, but it was closed because of a storm warning, as it is located in the coastal zone. So, unable to fly in two Russian plane carrying Russian tourists in the hall of the airport is now several thousand people.


Phuket Airport


The authorities are trying to evacuate the island of foreigners in the central part of the island, which is located on the hill. There are now flocking as organized groups of people and individuals who try to escape from a possible tsunami.

Later Pacific Center for the Prevention of the tsunami threat has canceled a tsunami threat, which was announced after a series of powerful earthquakes in Indonesia. According to the statement, the abolition of a tsunami threat applies to all states in the Indian Ocean, including the Thai island of Phuket.

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