Apples can rejuvenate at the age of 17


The absence of them in the diet increases the risk of chronic diseases. The professor made a list of products, which includes and apples. According to British researchers, regular consumption of apples can slow the aging process by 20%. The study found in apples complex element, rejuvenating the heart, improves blood circulation and boost the immune system.

This element has a complex called "polyphenols epicatechin." He is able to have a positive impact on the cardiovascular system and maintain the elasticity of blood vessels.

The experts found that volunteers in the study consumed the greatest amount of apple juice, the system and the whole body look younger by at least 17 years. The most significant concentration of polyphenols epicatechin found in wild apples, refined scholars.
In nature, unfortunately, there are no products that can reverse the aging process. But there are products on the list and which are apples, helps to slow down the appearance of unpleasant symptoms such as sagging skin, age spots and wrinkles. Agree, it's too bad.

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