April 21 in Moscow will host the festival of love ancient Slavic Lelnik

Photo: eventor.ru

As the press service of the city government, the Moscow estate of Santa Claus continues to delight children and adults revival of folk festivals. April 21 for the first time in the history of the estate will Lelnik — a festival dedicated to ancient Slavic goddess of love Lele, daughter of Lada and Svarog.

"On this day in Russia was made to honor women, also due to this celebration we have a custom of giving flowers — to be confirmed in a statement. — Antique folk customs were the basis of the new paint pageant, which participants will be our guests. In the coming sovereign estate fairy kingdom Jeremiah XIII, to marry off his daughter to a foreign prince Marfusha. Of the four suitors each good in their own way, and they are all different people. Therefore, the royal daughter to be a difficult choice. Whom did she choose? ".

Visitors are promised fun fun and treats, dance master classes from suitors Marfusha, where you can learn the basics of Celtic, Korean, Latin American, and Russian folk dances. A seamstress will teach all talismans, lovebirds do for their families.

According to the materials of the Moscow government newswire http://www.mos.ru/

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