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A very common today analogy Earth — The big spaceship on which life is subject to the laws of the universe and the earth in order:

Turns of the coil

Star systems together with our solar system within the space of the galaxy move in a helical spiral. Accordingly, the trajectory of the solar system can distinguish small and large steps.

Small step — this time moving the solar system in a small spiral coil is 25 thousand years. Small cycles determine a change of warm and cold zones of the planet, the main direction of ocean currents, shifting the axis of the magnetic field, due to the global energy events that often have disastrous consequences.

A big step determines the movement of one revolution within the Galaxy. It is connected with reverse polarity (changing the poles) and is equal to the cycle of the galaxy (the cosmic year, according to Kozyrev), about 200-210 million years.

Earth rotates on its axis at the equator at a speed of 0,465 km / s and is moving in its orbit around the sun at a speed of about 30 km / s. In turn, the solar system by moving Galaxy helix at 250 km / s. Together with the Sun at the same rate move our Earth and all components solar system.

Thus, the movement of other planets and our planet Earth is not in ellipses Copernicus, and along the open paths in the form close to the spirals.

Our galaxy, the Milky Way is an integral part of the Association of galaxies that astronomers call the Local Group of galaxies (IGY). It also includes the Galaxy <Большое и Малое Магеллановы Облака>. Astronomers recently found that IGY moves integrally with the speed of about 700 km / s. Thus, the Sun at the same time involved in two movements: in the rotation associated with the rotation of galaxies, and the forward-induced motion of the Milky Way, along with the local group of galaxies.

The land together with the solar system, the galaxy moving at a speed of 250 km / s, flies for the year 7884 billion kilometers. The distance from the Sun to the center of the galaxy is about 10 thousand parsecs (one parsec — 3,263 light-years, or 31,000 billion kilometers). Milky Way rotates relative to the Center superassociation, diameter — 30 million parsecs, and the Milky Way is located at a distance of 19 million parsecs from the Centre over the Association.

Know one's place

Where is our mysterious force — nobody knows. One thing is clear: the life of civilization on Earth, and the life of the planet in the solar system — the birthplace of humankind — depend on the laws of the cosmos. The consciousness of man and of humanity as a whole is determined by the energy conditions on the planet, which are determined by the site fly-Earth in the galaxy.

In some periods of the Solar System route takes in the various sectors of the galaxy, energy which dictates different behaviors of people. The behavior of ancient humans and modern humans is determined by the place the solar system on the galactic path of life. Today, global change events on Earth is the result of the accelerating pace of change in the environment — land sector of the galaxy, through which pass the Sun and planets.

Outstanding luminaries of science in the first millennium BC, believed that the Earth was round and her none of the gods and humans could create. Heraclitus of Ephesus (573-483 BC) wrote: <Космос, один и тот же для всего сущего, его не создал никто из богов и никто из людей, но он всегда был и будет вечно живым огнем, мерами загорающимся и мерами потухающим>.

But how is it that intelligent life on Earth has reached such a level on our planet? Many natural scientific facts suggest the following.

Star systems together with our solar system within the space of the galaxy move in Complicated helix.

Life number 2

Several tens of millions of years ago from another galaxy in the constellation Sirius in our solar system came aliens. And as the ship for interstellar travel, they used: their home planet Nibiru. She won a free orbit between Mars and Jupiter. In our solar system on your planet the aliens were in suits, protected from the cold and germs. In the spacesuits they appeared on Earth.

Such a scenario does not apply to the genre of fantasy, as it might seem at first glance. Evidence to support the hypothesis of cosmic origin of life on Earth, are numerous.

For example, some tribes living in Africa, still retain the belief that their ancestors lived in the constellation Sirius, and the ark came to Earth.

The mysterious Aztec calendar stone shows four of the Sun. In one of the most revered in China myth states that the Sun rises in the east twice: All of these artifacts can be explained by taking into account the trajectory of the Earth <большом> outer space.

When driving the solar system on a large coil of a spiral galaxy comes a time reversal of the flow of energy coming from the magnetic field of the universe. In this first rotation is slowing down the solar system and lengthening days. When the flow of energy passes through zero, and then ramps up — reversal occurs. In this period of global changes in the biosphere, determining the development of the evolution of the world.

Due to the large moment of inertia of all the objects of the Galaxy continues to rotate on its axis in the same direction. However, the Sun relative to the Earth is moving in the opposite direction. During the period of the motion in the long round of the Galaxy reversal occurs twice. According to the above Chinese myth, describes the period of 400-500 million years.

Even more amazing period of civilization found in graffiti on the legendary Egyptian Sphinx, ten-strewn bed of sand in the city of the dead not far from the modern pyramids. The inscriptions contain mathematical information that mathematicians were able to decipher only a few years ago.

Mathematical data are divided into five groups comprising the time from a reference in the day. The most distant event is characterized by the number in the more than seven trillion years, and starting the countdown begins with five trillion years. It can be assumed that the first, the shortest period refers to the beginning of stay aliens on Earth, and four — to life on the planet Nibiru. Maybe the aliens are back in ancient times, the Sphinx was built as a symbol of faith and the memory of their homeland?

Expedition Nibiru

Civilization Nibiru has reached a level of development, which even today we do not have to dream. Apparently, the flight to another galaxy was not for them an insoluble problem. In my article <Траектория великого перелета> a flight described in detail.

Of course, before you go down to the earth, the aliens were flying a new planet and accounted for its detailed maps. There is good information about that before the great geographical discoveries of ancient mariners had a map where the continents were represented Australia, Antarctica, Africa and Eurasia. These cards are made from the words of the priests who received information from oral legends and myths.

Settlers brought with her the world of the animal and plant worlds. Special care they had reasonable ocean creatures. If the world of higher intelligences ocean dolphins are considered, then they were mermaids. After moving mermaid long time lived on our planet.

After finishing the relocation of the aliens blew up Nibiru. With the explosion initially formed a few large hot shrapnel. On the palate it was quite possible to see the ten suns. This event is etched in the memory of the witnesses, and then passed on information about him distant descendants. The fire fell from heaven and burned up the Garden. This is mentioned in the Old Testament.

Under the influence of gravity of something big split into smaller ones, creating a modern asteroid belt, which separates the small planets from other planets in the solar system. And I still fall to Earth every day dozens of meteorites, and sometimes you can watch the rain of meteorites. Their weight varies from a few tonnes to dust particles. Larger ones — small planets have a name and a number. During their flight paths continuously monitored by astronomers.

Facts supporting the cosmic origin of intelligent life on Earth, many more questions that can only deliver. However, before the current generation of earthlings are most responsible problems that it must solve.
NASA recognized the possibility (in 1982) the existence of NIBIRU. Heavenly body possibly larger than the giant Jupiter.

First Nibiru can be seen every day from May 15, 2009 as a faint reddish object. It will move the Earth's orbit co. This means that by 2009 the only opportunity to see him only being in the southern hemisphere.

By May 2011 it will be visible to the naked eye to all the people of the planet. December 21, 2012 Nibiru will pass through the ecliptic of the planet in the form of a bright red star and will appear as the second largest sun.

<Все, что я могу сказать это то, что мы не знаем, что это,>— said Gerry Niugbauer Senior Associate Program IRAS. All Governments are aware of this and they are taking drastic measures to survive and maintain secrecy.

One chronologies <подлёта> Nibiru to Earth (the interval in the same orbit)
— 44,800 BC
— 41,200 BC
— 37,600 BC
— 34,000 BC
— 30,400 (30, 378) BC
— 26.778 BC
— 23,178 BC
— 19,578 BC
— 15,978 BC
— 12,378 BC
— 8,778 BC
— 5,178 BC
— 1,578 BC

2012 — a year. Many esoteric sources said that this year will bring unprecedented changes. Thus, according to the Mayan chronology, the 2012 will be the end of the Piscean Age, which lasted more than five thousand years, ushering in the Age of Aquarius. The ancient Mayan calendar, a unique and extremely accurate, the entire existence of the universe splits into several cycles. According to his chronology, December 21, 2012 will end of one cycle and the beginning of a new one.

This prediction of the ancient Maya wonderfully echoes the texts, the predictions of the ancient Sumerians, the native tribes of New Zealand Maori, the Hopi Indians, and many other, unrelated sources.

— Cherokee Indians calendar ends in 2012.
— Zulu Indians believed that in 2012 the world <перевернётся с головы на ноги>.
— The Mayan calendar ends December 21, 2012.
— In the 21st century, the age of Kali, the Hindu end-South, followed by the update time.
— Egyptian calendar ends in 2012.
— The Incas called 2012 — the date <встречи с самим собой>, Aztecs — Sixth Sun.

The convergence of the planets will change the axis and the tilt of Earth's orbit, which will lead to something very interesting.

NASA knows about Nibiru, but not to cause panic to hide the truth from the people!

The whole truth and not about Nibiru

What will happen to us in December 2012? You know that we are promised Armageddon with the approach of Nibiru to Earth. The researchers of this planet claim that every 3 600 years it flies in its orbit around the earth, causing floods, earthquakes and other disasters that change every time the course of civilization.

On December 21, 2012 Nibiru will appear as the second largest sun. But the red, the color of blood: Scientists suggest that the impact of <планеты дьявола> be unkind: 14 February 2013th, when the Earth will pass between Nibiru and the sun, possible global cataclysm.

The magnetic poles will shift and tilt of the planet will change. Strongest earthquake and powerful tsunami will bring trouble to many continents, especially America. But after July 1, 2014 On Nibiru will move away from the Earth in its orbit … heard for the first time on this planet from an article in the newspaper Komsomolskaya Pravda and in the transfer of TVC, I began to keep an eye on this, as it seemed to me somewhat questionable and certainly controversial topic on the internet and the press. I realized that for many years there is a dispute over the existence or not of this hidden from the eyes of observers mysterious planet Nibiru (Planet X, Marduk, Phaeton). Can not do this thread with no conscious fraud and error. A lot of it betray their wishful thinking. However, there are a lot of real evidence as to the existence of Planet X. I tried to lay out in this post that information kotoroya somehow illuminates the subject. I would like to make for yourself, above all, a definite opinion on the subject. I hope very much for your help …

Orientalist Zakaria Sitchin

In 1976, in his book "12th Planet" Zakaria Sitchin (known historian and linguist) made a startling nobody has refuted a statement about what is happening on Earth for more than 450,000 years ago. He deciphered the ancient Sumerian inscriptions and presented the finished picture of the development of our civilization. In the 19th century, as a result of excavations in Mesopotamia, which was located on the territory of present-day Iraq, were discovered ancient city mentioned in the Bible, such as Babylon, Akkad, Eridu, Lagash, Marie, Uruk, Ur and others.

Were recovered from the ruins of thousands of clay tablets with the records on which the story was captured Sumerian civilization and the history of the earth, stretching back over hundreds of thousands of years. In the Sumerian chronicles, and it 5800 years describes what is happening on the Earth for more than 450,000 years ago. About 6,000 years ago in Mesopotamia appeared (out of nowhere), an advanced civilization with all its attributes, talking about her high level of organization: the monarchy, a bicameral system of elected MPs and civil councils, judges and juries, the laws of right conduct, concepts and beliefs that form as Surprisingly, the foundation of our modern culture.

It was in Sumer was laid the foundation of knowledge in mathematics: calculation of the areas of complex shapes, root extraction, the solution of equations in two and three unknowns: Turns out the Sumerians knew the look of our solar system from space. They are described in detail all the planets down to the color of each. However, in the Sumerian and contemporary descriptions of the solar system, there are some differences. So, between Jupiter and Mars Sumerians placed another planet, called Nibiru. According to their description, it was a huge planet that rotates in the opposite direction to the other planets, it has a very elongated and inclined elliptical orbit passes through our solar system every 3600 years. She then goes over the orbit of our planet and disappears from view.

American scientists about the existence of Nibiru

In 1972, Joseph Brady of the University of California found that some unknown planet causes the gravitational perturbations of the orbit of Halley's Comet. The calculations astronomers have shown that it is five times the mass of Earth and has an orbit three times farther from the sun than Neptune. In December 1981, the magazine reported that by studying the telemetry data received from the spacecraft <Пионер 10>, <Пионер 11> and <Вояджер>, scientists led by Thomas Van Flounder came to the conclusion that there is a planet of 2.5 billion miles beyond Pluto with an orbital period of at least 1,000 years. Soon, the same conclusion reached by scientists of NASA, who may have found, or rather, <нащупали> this planet with infrokrasny telescope.

According to them, the anomaly in the motion of Uranus, Neptune and <Пионеров> indeed caused by some mysterious object. <Инфракрасный> IRAS satellite in orbit at work embodied in the two frames <некий загадочный объект, который не может быть кометой>. It can be either a planet like Uranus and located 7.4 billion kilometers beyond the orbit of Pluto, or <Темной звездой>, remote from us by 80 billion miles. The material on this subject was published in the June 1982 issues of newspapers <Ньютаймс> and <Нью-Йорк Таймс>. Newspaper <Нью-Йорк Таймс> on January 30, 1983 in an article about the 10th planet quotes Ray Raynoldsa, astronomer Ames Research Center: <Астрономы настолько уверенны в существовании 10-й планеты, что, по их мнению, осталось только дать ей имя>.

A physicist from Sarov Alexander Filatov

In 2007, Alexander Filatov (a graduate of the Moscow Aviation Institute and former Sarov specialist ABM) doing the calculations move mysterious planet Nibiru, predicted that in the near future, it may be: collide with the Earth. According to Sumerian chronicles, written on clay tablets, Nibiru, passing once through the solar system came so close to the planet that was called Tiamat and had its own moon, that one of the moons of Nibiru collided with Tiamat, literally tearing it into two parts. Most of the planet Tiamat with his moon moved from the blow to the orbit between Mars and Venus, and became our Earth, and the other part is scattered into a million pieces, forming the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter. The Sumerians called this belt <кованым браслетом>.

The next passage of Nibiru through the solar system is expected between 2100 and 2158 years. Now Nibiru is 40 million miles from Earth, and it is the same distance as before Venus, that is very close. People were observed with the naked eye as a reddish disk.

The worst version of what is waiting for us — it is a repetition of the Flood, — said the scientist. — It will happen when Nibiru will pass over one of the poles. The ice will melt, Siberia <подвинется> to the North Pole, in the Nizhny Novgorod region will be the ocean. The most Nibiru disasters of a close passage by the Earth will not get any, as its "core" is ten times thicker than Earth's — 10 percent of the total weight of the …
Art. KP "Armageddon come December 23, 2012 — proved a physicist at Sarov" from 05.05.2007

Sumerian chronicles

According to the Sumerian Nibiru was populated by conscious beings — nifelimami or анунаками.Продолжительность their life was 360 000 Earth years! They were real giants: Women growth of 3 to 3.7 meters, and the men of 4 to 5 meters. According to Sumerian chronicles nifelimy arrived on Earth about 445,000 years ago. The reason for their visit to Earth was as follows. As they say, clay tablets of the Sumerians, the planet Nibiru was faced with the problem of low pressure atmosphere (very similar to our problem with the ozone layer).

Their scientists have considered the possibility of sputtering in the ozone layer of the smallest particles of gold (creation of the Golden Shield), which is like a mirror to reflect light and heat back to the planet, and at the same time filter out the sun's rays that harm. According to the Sumerians, is to mine for gold came to earth the first settlers from the planet Nibiru. At first they tried to extract it from the waters of the Persian Gulf, but then took up the development of mining method in South-East Africa (archaeological studies have confirmed that in South Africa during the Stone Age were conducted mining operations!) Every 3600 years, when the planet Nibiru appeared near the ground , and it went gold reserves.

According to historical records, nifelimy engaged in gold mining for a long time: from 100 to 150 thousand years. And then, as you might expect, a revolt broke out. Long-lived nifelimam tired of working in the mines of hundreds of thousands of years. And then the leaders nifelimov adopted a unique solution: create <примитивных рабочих> work in mines …

The "Neman"

In 2005, a number of its observers have recorded strange phenomena in the sky. Glow similar to the body of the planet or something like that. The first assumption is that they came into being — this is an optical effect caused by the refraction of rays of the setting sun in the atmosphere. Maybe so. And if not? Their friend who was taking photos, can not give the answer. The glow was observed after a few days, which is very strange optical effect. The question remained open. The Group does not undertake to say that it is the most mysterious Planet X.

Before you put your photos on display, this group looked a lot of pictures hanging on the network, to fix the alleged Nibiru. So that's a large part of these images clearly demonstrate the glare of the sun on the lens and in the atmosphere. But, there is another part, which captures something inexplicable. So what is it?

Gordon Scallion

Moscow would be flooded. And along with it — the whole central Russia and much of Europe. Only Paris alone will stick out of the water, and walking past the Arc de Triomphe ocean liners are moored in Eyfelefoy tower. This will happen very soon. In the next 5-10 years. So says a Gordon Scallion, a citizen of the United States. Apocalypses with Armageddon in astronomical terms happen all the time. Every 50-100 million years arrives from somewhere "big kirdyk" and crashed into the Earth: the grass is lit, the oceans boil, who has not hidden, that — barbecue. After such space "gifts" the next million years, all those who managed to hide in cracks, trying to get out from there. "Small kirdyk" falls more often and causes apocalypses regional scale. However, it could lead to a global catastrophe. If you look at the Earth in the context, we can see that there is a solid crust thickness of about 30-40 kilometers. Below, at a depth of more than 5000 kilometers, all the layers of the mantle and outer core — liquid. Next the inner core — too hard. And if even a small asteroid will hit the Earth on a tangent, then, together with small troubles can happen to like the crater and large — the crust may "slip" on the molten base.

Because of what the ground ball several times Feeds On its oceans. The tsunami washed away everything just from the land. The sudden change of the magnetic poles, which occurs once every 500,000 years, it is likely that the already close over the last 30 years, the magnetic north pole of the Earth withdrew from its former location at 200 kilometers. However, he does not move in a straight line, but in a very strange and unpredictable trajectory. Earth's magnetic field dependent on the solid metallic core inside the planet. Significant contribution was added and the inner layers of the mantle. The core is spinning, rotating and melts around him. The surface of the nucleus has its landscape. And he just does "weather" all the guts of our planet. There, as in the atmosphere, eddies prevail, only the power of their hard to even imagine. Earth's core is rotating around its own axis. And the Earth, flying around the sun, constantly tests the influence of the other planets, and because the Earth's axis is constantly slightly "floats". The angle of inclination to the orbital plane ranges from 22 to 24 degrees (this is called precession). And so the magnetic pole does not coincide with geophysical.

The core, being in great depth, do not have time to react to this "trembling" of the planet. For millennia, the kernel seemed to accumulate more energy, and at one point throws it — turn over. Maybe it will turn exactly 180 degrees and maybe not. But what exactly happens — can not be predicted. In the Earth's history there have been occasions when the pole was located where today we have the equator. And what's next?

Earthquakes, volcanoes awakening, the drift of the lithospheric plates and global warming. As they say, all at once. And simultaneously. But not simultaneously! Over the past 20 years, the annual number of recorded earthquakes has increased almost two-fold. The rate of melting of polar ice from 3% in the year increased to 9%. The Earth itself from year to year is becoming more "flat": the distance between the poles is reduced, and the equator is growing …

Nibiru — a hypothetical planet

Astrophysicist BAt in his blog wrote: Recently, more and more began to appear on the internet about some distant planet Nibiru, which rushes from the depths of space inside the Solar System. As an astronomer, I want to warn you that when meeting with the materials on this topic, be extremely careful! Remember that skepticism and doubt in the complex with curiosity — the ability to know the truth, and faith can strengthen any myth so that you will be taking it for real.

After reviewing the materials on this topic, I as an astrophysicist, I can say with confidence that many of the articles and posts written are not scientists, and even more — people who are poorly understood in astronomy. Snatched facts from a variety of sources, links to which are not, the names of the planets come from nowhere. Sources and the names of the scientists supporting the facts described not. But there are some really interesting and credible facts, coincidences and surveillance.

Nibiru — a hypothetical planet that flies in the depths of the solar system and is already causing a change in the planet, and the future may bring catastrophic destruction on Earth. It is reported that all of the information on this planet is secret, so there was no panic. In the ancient scriptures have many references to the year 2012 as a crucial, transitional. Many now claim that in 2012, may come to an end, or on the planet will be powerful destruction.

Before you believe this find primary sources and make their own eyes the truth of the reported. Skeptical about reports, rewritten with the addition of their own thought and imagination a lot of people a lot of time with each other. Where is now in Nibiru? While it is known is that in 1983, at the opening of her telescope, IRAS, the distance to the Nibiru was 50 billion miles, and it was moving toward us. This figure is given in the article "Washington Post" on 30 December 1983.

As the official astronomy since then is silent, we will not ignore the information provided by amateur astronomers. Such information was published in the newspaper "Komsomolskaya Pravda" from 05.05.2007 under the title "Armageddon come December 23, 2012", which describes what a physicist at the Sarova proven mathematical calculations sushestvovanie planet and tells her about seeing people naked eye as a reddish disc . But if the planet was really great as it is described — larger than the planet Jupiter, and was already in the solar system, it would have seen thousands of professional and amateur astronomers, which is not …

All the facts and fictions about Nibiru

Myth: Zecharia Sitchin-scientist expert in ancient languages.
Fact: Zecharia Sitchin — the self-proclaimed scholar of ancient languages. This means that it transfers may well be inaccurate. First of all, he is an expert on economic history.

Myth: The word Nibiru means "Planet of the intersection."
Fact: According to these scientists in the field of ancient languages, the word Nibiru carries several meanings. The most common of them — and the ferry crossing point. In the ancient primary sources is nothing to indicate that the planet Nibiru — Planet this intersection.

Myth: The orbit of Nibiru is in the form of a strongly elongated ellipse, so the time of a complete revolution of the planet in its orbit is 3,600 years long. So, once in 3600 years, it should appear in the solar system.
Fact: According to the studies of astronomers, elliptical orbit is extremely unstable. Most likely, if the planet is really moving along an orbit, the orbit itself would long ago have adopted a more circular shape under the influence of the sun, or Nibiru would have flown into space due to lack of attractive forces of the sun because of its large distance from the planet.

Myth: NASA managed to take a picture of Nibiru.
Fact: That's not true. Object in the photographs was a new kind of galaxy, before unknown to astronomers. Media misinterpreted the data — they gave for finding a new planet solar system.

Myth: Nibiru can be seen at the South Pole — and this was the main reason for the construction of a new astronomical observatory at this location.
Fact: If Nibiru could be seen at the South Pole, it would be evident in the entire southern hemisphere. Experts meteorological stations in the region show that anything unusual in the sky over the past few years did not appear. The new telescope was installed in Antarctica because of the unique features of its atmosphere. The air over Antarctica is incredibly transparent, so the quality of the photos of the sky only. As a result, the observatory replace the Hubble Telescope.

Myth: Nibiru is a brown dwarf, which is inhabited by a race of people / aliens called the Anunnaki.
Fact: Most sources brown dwarf called Nibiru, which was once a star. No race would not exist either at the dwarf, nor on any other planet close to him, as brown dwarfs can not allocate a sufficient number of life-sustaining warmth. The situation is similar with the case and ultraviolet radiation — it is also not enough to live. And one more evidence that the inability of human existence, and similar beings on Nibiru: the mass of Planet X is so huge that it is extremely large force of gravity will kill any living organism on it.

Myth: Nibiru has a direct impact on the Earth in 2012. In 2009, we will be able to see it in the sky.
Fact: Forecasters have repeatedly predicted the appearance of Nibiru in 1998, 1999, 2000, 2003 and 2005. Why are they still can not come to a consensus and, finally, to decide when can we expect the appearance of Nibiru? Maybe they're just crooks who speculate this exciting topic in their own best interest? If such a large astronomical object really exists somewhere near the solar system, then we would surely have long found out about it. I can not believe that in our time, when it became possible to remove objects that are in space for hundreds of light-years from Earth, we still can not get a picture of the huge planet, which is probably located very close …

The planet "Nibiru" — bringing millions of fiction

Recently, the Internet, in the media, as well as in conversations between people, the topic of the alleged impending disaster in 2012 is becoming more urgent. Citizens discuss the probability of the existence of an unknown body, presumably the new planet, which should cross the orbit of the Earth, and thus lead to disaster. Name of the alleged planet <Нибиру>. Hysteria, coupled with panic, reached the point of absurdity.

A variety of sites have published and continue to publish photos, graphs, charts, interviews with different personalities, as well as <математические расчёты, доказывающие> the existence of the cosmic body. In the esteemed authors of Wikipedia online encyclopedia published a related article does not tell about the academicism of teaching. The article reveals the particular mythology of southern Mesopotamia (Sumer) and the Altai, which allegedly referred to the very 12th planet — Nibiru. All this is done in order to extract the belief in their own extra income.

The author of the theory of Nibiru is Zecharia Sitchin. Press mistakenly calls him a scientist. However, even in wikipedia, the article devoted to his work there are no data on the presence in Zechariah Sitchin any academic titles. But on his official website successfully offered his writings convicted of populist issues. Tom Van Flandern was an American astronomer, and in 1969 received his doctorate in astronomy.

However, he found no support among the scientific community and his views are always treated as pseudoscientific. Until his death in early 2009, Tom led the private entity. Although page <О нас> and it is stated that the organization is a nonprofit, but it carries on business acquisition offering subscriptions to the news. Nibiru theory, under the auspices of the organization could be published in videpopulyarnyh works that income and give authors and followers of the theory. Such is the show-business, based on the fear of the unknown and the date of death …


I assume that most of the information about Nibiru is false, but at the same time, I consider foolish not to take into account some aspects of the Mayan culture of the same or of the Sumerians, who studied not only Sitchin.

Agree, yet information about Nibiru is a grain of truth there … I deliberately dropped the information that seemed to me at all unscientific, fictitious and forged … I think this is one of the most interesting and exciting topics for discussion in recent years, as no other planet is not mentioned so often in written records of our ancestors. While I am not happy that the hype that inflates around the topic.

I'm not really sure that this planet X exists, and because of its fanatics are increasingly beginning to doubt it. Too few truly scientific information, too many tantrums … It looks more like someone's manipulation of mass consciousness … Many people think that it's only a bike internet … But on the other hand, this tale began when the Internet was not there, I do not know how many thousands of years ago … After all, nothing in this world can not be ruled out, even the most incredible …

As history shows, many incredible things in the past, proved feasible and tangible in this … In any case, even on rough estimates of Nibiru, if it is still present, should appear no earlier than 34 centuries, unless of course its no flight controls But …. if it is still 2012, the chance of saving any, if the approach is already having an impact on global climate change on Earth, over the next 3 years they will be terrible with all the ensuing consequences. All the same, let's hope for the best and that would be causing trouble delusions great hoaxer and visionaries …

Self-development center, "Mind"

Information and photos from sources:…_nibiru_001.htm…-% D0% BE-nibiru /

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