Artifact from the bottom of the river in White Russia


From the bottom of the river Drissa (Rossony district, Vitebsk region) Minsk divers with Polotsk archaeologists raised the ancient idol, which dates back to pre-VI-XII centuries. According to experts, the find is unique in the world.

About a thousand years the wooden statue, which has no analogues in the Slavic world, lay at the site, which is now under water to a depth of 3-4 meters. Artifact brought to Minsk for detailed examination. It seems amazing and the story of its discovery.

Underwater hunter grabbed his idol 20 years ago

 In 1991, two undersea Polotsk amateur hunters plunged into the river Drissa, when one of them grabbed the wooden support to resist the flow. Looking, for which he took the hunter impressed remember the place, but the great value the seen figure with a human face did not give … 20 years later, in a conversation with a friend archaeologist he remembered the wooden statue of the river bed. Specialists to dive at the location, and, to his surprise, found the find exactly where 20 years ago it saw the hunter.

-Learned about the idol, only when among friends these underwater hunters was a man who is fond of archeology, Anatoly Belchikov. He is familiar with me, and as soon as I heard about the statue, asking for details of the hunters told me about it, — says head of the Department of History of Polotsk State UniversityDenis Duk. — We went to the place of discovery, diving, and realized that this is the real thing, much better than what we expected to see …

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The idol weighs under 150 kg (!)


It was decided to raise the statue of the water. Polotsk for help archaeologists turned to Minsk diving club "Captain Morgan."

— We raise it about an hour, — says the head of the diving club "Captain Morgan" Vyacheslav Romanovich. — Idol is very heavy at 150 pounds! It is made of a large female oak, its base was all covered with sand, so first we have blurred it with gruntososa, then using a special, roughly speaking, the balloon lifted above the bottom, fused downstream to the shallows, where and got to the surface …

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Discovery of world importance

According to Denis Duca, of such findings can only dream of.

— To the Slavic world is a unique find! This artifact is a worldwide — admired specialist. — It's an amazing coincidence that he survived and managed to find him.

According to the expert, the statue could end up in the river after the neighborhood was accepted Christianity: then deliberately destroyed the Old Slavic idols.

-Most likely, this idol was burned, but the fire is not essential hurt its bottom part, and then he was thrown into the river. A river of great saves trees, especially oak, — says the source. — It is important that the figure was left to stand in an upright position, as if he fell, would have remained lying on the bottom, buried sand …
According to the observations of Vyacheslav Romanovich, top idol was pressed by several logs, apparently, fallen on him for a thousand years, perhaps more so for him not to shift.
Height of ancient statues around 1m 20cm, width — 1m 3cm, stem diameter — 70 inches at its widest point and at its narrowest — 60 cm

— His weight, vskidku, 150-200 kg, very heavy, — said Denis Duc. — Four of his barely loaded …

Age idol set examination

When the decision on lifting the artifact, archaeologists began to search for the institution, ready to organize further conservation and restoration of finds — because wood recovered from the water, where it was about a thousand years, could seriously damaged. Institute of History of the Academy of Sciences of Belarus agreed to perform the necessary procedures followed exposure idol in the museum.

— After the examination can accurately tell his age, the year is felling a tree, — says Denis Duc. — Around this time of the Christianization of Polotsk, XI-XII century. But it may well be that the idol could not get into the water, and much earlier in the investigation of a disaster.

According to experts, the trunk of an oak, of which the idol, drink, after which he was heavily trimmed with an ax, and then with the bit was the image.

— There are signs that the tree sawed, and saw we started to use only in the VI-VII — draws attention Denis Duc.

According to Vyacheslav Romanovich, the idol was found in the river, surrounded by forest.

— Apparently, there was once a fairly populated area, — he suggests. — In the area are many mounds, the oldest of which date back to the VI. Perhaps there was a temple, and then the river changed its course.

ARTEFAKT out of the river in White Russia

Veles and Perun?

Analyzing the image of the face and neck idol, experts suggest that found higher deities of the pantheon of Slavic gods, Veles or perhaps Perun.

At the time of the conversation with the correspondent TUT.BY idol carried on conservation and restoration to Minsk, Institute of History of the National Academy of Sciences, which will be determined by his age. The examination results will be known in about a month.

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