Artist Ales Pushkin awaits trial

Last night Ales Pushkin spent in custody Krupki police department. Artist was detained yesterday at his home — in the village of Beaver Krupsk area — allegedly for hooliganism. Ales Pushkin's wife alleges that the detention was triggered.

The case of Ales Pushkin intends to consider the district court Krupsk — about This was reported Chairman of the District Court of Love Sivakova. Writing a comment or at least inform the accusations of the artist, the presiding judge refused. Recommended to call one afternoon to find out the judgment. The judge who will try the case of Pushkin, is not yet determined.

Telephone communication with the detained artist is not: he is forced to leave the phone at home. As told to John Pushkin, a man was taken to the police station yesterday around 15.45. The police came to their house, saying that Ales Pushkin wrote a statement countrymen — complained that the artist had beaten him.

Yanina Pushkin said that actually aggressive attitude neighbor came into their yard and the artist had to withdraw it, but there was no fight. The police demanded that Ales Pushkin went with them to the police station Krupski, but he refused. Police officers called for reinforcements, and a few people literally dragged Pushkin in the hands of a company car.

His wife believes that the complaint neighbor — it's just a provocative reason for the detention before the presidential election. She believes that her husband may condemn far-fetched reasons, as long as it was on December 19 custody. And remember that during the last presidential elections, the artist also was under Arrest — he was sentenced to 15 days for disorderly conduct: a fisherman on the opposite side of the river allegedly heard that the artist swears obscenities.

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