As described in the annals of our Ancestors

A description of the ancient Slavs.

"Justice, they had etched in the minds, not the law — wrote a Greek historian, noting that the Slavs at the time there was no written law — theft was rare and was considered more important than any crime. Gold and silver are just as despised as other mortals wanted it. " And this is the testimony of another author: "The tribes of the Slavs are a way of life is the same, have the same morals, love freedom and can not tolerate slavery. They are especially brave and courageous in their own country and are able to all sorts of labor and deprivation. They can easily withstand heat and cold, and nakedness of the body, and all sorts of inconveniences and disadvantages. Very affectionate to strangers, who care about the safety of the most: to follow them from place to place and train yourselves sacred law, that neighbor must avenge a neighbor and go to his war if he by his carelessness instead of allow a case where a foreigner suffer misfortune. "

The Greeks noticed especially community patriarchal order of life of the Slavs: "Prisoners of the Slavs is not, like all the nations, do not always remain in bondage they define them some time, after which, by making a purchase, they are free to either return to the fatherland, or stay with them Friends and free. " Often come to grips with the Slavs, Greeks very carefully studied the nature of the Slavs and their military habits: "They are excellent war because warfare they become severe science in all the details. The greatest happiness in their eyes to die in battle. Die of old age or of any case — it's a shame, humiliating which nothing can be. They are generally beautiful and tall, cast in their hair blond color. Look at them more combative than ferocious. " "It is often made raids, surprise attacks, and various tricks during the day and at night, so to speak, playing war." "The greatest of art consists in the fact that they are able to hide under the water in the rivers. Often caught by the enemy, they are very long at the bottom and breathing with the help of long reed pipe, the end of which taken in the mouth, and the other stick out on the water surface, thus hiding in the depths. " Amazing and this observation: "The Slavs did not suffer any power"

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