Asterisks on tridents changed in the army in one night

Tridents replaced by asterisks in the army in one night

Oath. Most of the Russian officers swore Ukraine. Photo: V. Mercy

Day of birth of the Ukrainian army should celebrate on Dec. 23, a day when people took the oath of allegiance to the first military communications regiment — 55 Order of Red Banner separate. Another suitable date — August 19, when Kiev with national flags in armored personnel carriers emerged a large number of connections that want to support the country's struggle for independence. In general most of the military who have served on the terrain of the USSR, has desired to serve under the blue-and-yellow flag of independent Ukraine.

In the end, chose the date when the Parliament approved the Law on the Armed Forces.

Support for military frightened Kravchuk

End of July 1991. In Kiev, planned to support the idea of the necessity of its own armed forces in the Union republics generals and chiefs of Staff of the military districts.

Colonel Wilen Martirosyan, a deputy of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR, and later founder of the Union officers revealed that while in one of the halls of the Supreme Soviet of them was a question about the coming fate of the armed forces. The result to which they have come, lay in the fact that the main (strategic) forces remain in the leadership of the Moscow Center, but any of the republics may have their army.

At the time, there was a split in the Ukraine in the middle of the generals commanding the troops, which were based on the territory of Ukraine. Some of them stood for the preservation of the USSR in the form of one proposed by Misha Gorbachev. Others, mostly from the western and central regions of the country, supported the idea of the separation of the army from the capital's command. The situation heated up, and August 19, 1991 came the logical upshot of the conflict.

From the memoirs of Martirosyan that his regiment was the first to declare his own disobedience to the Ministry of Defence. Ventured this general vote on the parade ground. Against were only representatives of the Communists — the political officer and members of the Party Committee. Others were enthusiastic about the idea of moving the regiment under the command of the Verkhovna Rada.

This was immediately reported to Leonid Kravchuk, but he took this news without much joy. Rebel Regiment added it unnecessary problems in the light of the emerging meeting with Valentin Varennikov, "emissary" coup. Democrats had heard that there was in their own army, responded with a very exalted.

Tridents replaced by asterisks in the army in one night

At Kiev could advance motorcade

For the first case in which a military formation under the command of the Verkhovna Rada followed by others. In the main leaders to take the initiative divisions and regiments. But from Kiev received instructions not to allow any movement on the field. Threatened tough measures, right up to the demotion.

Martirosyan says that in their regiment was ready for departure motorcade. In order to avoid being confused with the coup, in cars waving blue and yellow flags. Preparing for the likelihood of a collision, because the information was received about the planned interception of a snow-white church. Expected only team from Kiev to leave, but she never arrived.

Anatoly Lopata, while the last Chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, said that Moscow knew about the mood in the army but the armed oppression of dissenters out of the question. According to him, all voiced at the time of the danger of a military intervention or to leave the columns of Kiev were just a sham. For the Central Committee, he said, took the situation in the country as a pre-determined in advance.

Even after the coup failed, the process of becoming modern army defected to the peaceful course. In Russia there are new leaders who, together with Boris Yeltsin approved the dissolution of the USSR, and Gorbachev and his team have a special power is no longer possessed. Retired and Mike Alekseev, head of the General Staff, who threatened all disperse and to "restore order."

People in Kiev relaxed and passed the finishing work, reports and archives transferred to the capital. After that, move to the submission to the Ukrainian government. The events in Moscow at the time few knew.

On the "MOV" oath had to translate NIGHT MODE

The last thing left to resolve — is a narrow ideological point. The military take an oath once in a lifetime, and betrayal to her — it's treason, punishable by the court. But out of this situation has been found. We decided to follow this way: all the military oath of allegiance once the Russian Union but because Ukraine was part of it, then, as follows, at this point object that was supposed to swear allegiance to the newcomer Ukrainian army, remained the same. In view of what happened in the country, he just underwent some "adjustments".

According to the memoirs of Vilhena Mantirosyana, the text of the oath was prepared in November 1991 for a congress of the officers. He personally had to translate it to "MOV", which was quite unusual for him, and a typical memory. Together with the future Secretary of Defense Morozov and other generals, and they were the first of the soldiers who took the oath of allegiance to the already independent Ukraine.

Across the country, from 75% to 95% of the military in various areas of the country had also read the oath of allegiance to the modern republic. The rest decided to leave the Ukraine and moved to where their families were left to live. As usual, it was not without kinks on ideological grounds. There are officers who have a trident instead of stars who eagerly began to "cleanse" the latest army junk, from their point of view, parts. For the record, the new insignia were delivered in 1994 for all military formations during the day.

In the words of Alexei Blinov, the army began to be a kind of exams. Inspected the knowledge of the Ukrainian language, was asked about the most recognizable hetman asked to explain what a "Kneipp" and "uzvar." 's Patience ran out, he said, after being asked to read the text of Taras Shevchenko "Zapovit" by heart. Pancakes kind of democracy could not survive, he had to resign from the service.

Even Anatoly Lopata was able to get certified only after one of the commissioners, who knew him personally, confirmed that the radical Ukrainian Anatoly mom, who lives near Kiev, and he has always supported the independence of Ukraine. Previously, the general, which the Deputy Minister was transferred to the Far East, failed in the exam twice.

Costs of Independence

Prior to 1994, on the territory of Ukraine remained so called "wild" side. Moscow reluctantly passed newcomer Ukrainian management information on the composition, number and location of troops. This led to what were the forgotten 10's parts and different formations, disk imaging which just was not in
the General Staff.

In the main these parts were those that previously controlled directly from Moscow. The situation remained unresolved with them until the end of 1994, while the Ukrainian government failed to take hold of one hundred percent of the situation. In the main these were military units, often consisting of a well-stocked and prepared officers and a fighter who only obeyed orders from the center. The various academic departments of the USSR, parts of intelligence, military, universities and laboratories — that's far from complete list of what was thrown and Moscow has not yet been found by Ukraine.

As recalled Wilen Martirosyan, representatives of these parts until the mid 90s continued to appear from time to time by the General Staff of Ukraine. All had only one request — want to join the new army, take the currency allowances and get the products. None of them did not refuse.

According to the newspaper "Komsomolskaya Pravda" in Ukraine "

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