Awarded the title of Hero of the Russian Federation submarine officer of the Northern Fleet

The commander of the Northern Fleet nuclear submarine captain I rank Alexei Dmitrov Presidential Decree RF assigned title Hero of the Russian Federation.

Captain I rank Dmitrov — One of those few who are already in the 30 two years later became the commander of a nuclear submarine. Since 2005, Alexei V. serves as commander of the submarine. He participated in 8 distant campaigns, including aysbergoopasnyh been in the world's oceans. Submarines under the command of Captain Dimitrov in 2006 and 2009, became the best in the Navy. In 2009, the crew commanded by Dimitrov took 3 prizes Navy Commander by type of competition between submarine Navy RF.

Captain I rank Dmitriev was awarded the "Order of Military Merit" medal "For award the Motherland» II degree and other medals.

Alexey Dmitrov — The thirtieth Hero of the Russian Federation the Northern Fleet and fourteenth submarine officer, awarded the highest rank.

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