B. Rymashevski: We must coordinate their actions

December 7th meeting was held in Orsha presidential candidate Vital Rymasheuski with voters. At the meeting there were about 120 orshantsev. Our correspondent Valery Kalinowski said after a meeting of the candidate during his election campaign.

Kalinowski: Mr. Vitaly, your meeting held in Orsha correctly and safely. But were you able to find a common language with the people of this city?

Rymashevski: With many who came to this meeting so far. Many people thanked. 17 people left their contacts — one way or another have joined the BCD. It is a good idea and this is the main result.

Kalinowski: At this meeting, you are encouraged to join the orshantsev BCD. Or it is one of the goals of your campaign.

Rymashevski: This is one of the goals of our business, not just the campaign. Because the talk interesting slogans or suck

If we do not create a strong organization, the power will not change.

money from the West or the East — not the most important thing that should be engaged in politics. The policy should be based on the strength of the Belarusian people. And this power is just one of the members and supporters. Three people have now completed the survey. If we do not create a strong organization — not just the BCD, and I encourage others to do so — because the authorities do not change. Just slogans power will not change.

Kalinowski: What is your overall assessment of a company? As far as feel is successful?

Rymashevski: On the basis of the resources that we had for this company — financial, so I'm talking about the general lack of them — I think that is very good. At the moment very well. Let's see what will be on the square, which will be the results. It is too early to say. But up to this point is positive, because a lot of people working. Certainly could have been better. We see their flaws, flaws, but from what we had, I can honestly say, satisfactory evaluation.

Kalinowski: In 2006, opposition candidates had problems with the rooms, but people en masse went to their meeting. Now there is no problem with the rooms, but people are not very active. Why?

Because the authority has taken into account the error in 2006. It would be nice to and

The authorities took into account the mistakes of 2006.

democratic forces could learn from their mistakes. Then there was a stir. then there were only two candidates. One of them was the "only" in principle information on this went. And today the Belarusian authorities did with the election of the game. They show the 9 candidates, but there is no information about the elections. State-run media did its best to make the election of the event. To make it something private, secondary.

Kalinowski: Until the end of the campaign there were 2 weeks. In your experience, what would you consider worthy to correct, modify the opposition during the election?

Rymashevski: Needs to coordinate their actions. Because a lot of declarations, but little real collaboration. It is necessary to change it.

And in his personal activities?

Rymashevski: We see a lot of shortcomings in our team, but the professionalism, of course, is growing. We are learning, so to speak, on the battlefield. Correcting your mistakes on the fly. I think the errors are corrected — with each meeting, the people at the meetings more and more.

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