Baba Yaga and God Velez — a harmonious union. Slavic myths

Baba Yaga and God Veles - harmonious unionWho has not read Russian fairy tales as a child — this fount of centuries-old folk wisdom? And of course we met many times in these tales, Baba Yaga, a formidable and inaccessible old woman, who lives far away from the people in the magical little house on chicken legs. However, few of us are aware that under the guise of this fantastic character hides an ancient Slavic god Storm Yaga (Yagibiha, Yagishna) embodying the spontaneous, uncontrolled forces of nature.

According to Russian Vedas Storm Yaga was the wife of the god Veles, which sets in motion created by the great god-creator Rod and his son Svarog, the world. Velez monitor the proper evolution of the universe, preventing rotation of the Government — the creative development path to Navi — that is the disintegration and chaos. Velez was honored by the Slavs, as the god of wisdom and the teacher of a righteous life.

Velez and God chose himself to become his wife. Storm Yaga or Baba Yaga guarded border between the realm of the living and the dead, not allowing the uninitiated to penetrate the mysteries of life and death. She had the infinite wisdom, as both could see both sides of life. To the Baba Yaga, as a last resort, often turned trapped in a hopeless situation Russian heroes, asking her to show them the right way. Such heroes Baba Yaga experienced the strength, offering compete with it by force or cunning. If defeated opponent — Yagibiha without unnecessary wrangling pointed his way and help the Board, and if lost, he could pay for it with their lives.

Once mighty Velez drove himself with his sister by borderlands, where the rules of Baba Yaga. Dark forest thickets those lands, and in the forest stood a hut on chicken legs, surrounded by a palisade, hung with human skulls with glowing eye sockets. Velez was not scared so gloomy abode, calmly went with friends and camped for the night. Early in the morning went to the forest with Velez a sister, and the other left in the hut. And then returned to the house, surrounded by a fiery whirlwind, storm-Yaga, causing the intruder to battle giant.

Who can resist the force of the terrible goddess? Could not resist one sister, and could not resist another. But there went up against the Storm Yaga the god Veles, grabbed her by the hair and well regale pood mace. Barely escaped from him Yaga and slipped into the underworld. Rushed to her exuberant Velez, and already they were underground struggle, trying to destroy each other. It turned out that the power-that both are equal — not beat Bure-Yaga Veles, Veles and yes it can not be broken. I realized then the storm-Yaga, she found herself not ferocious enemy, and kind husband, who because of its pristine could curb and direct.

In Slavic mythology, the marriage between Welles and Storm-Yaga symbolizes interaction creates order masculine and feminine natural as having its own special wisdom and complement each other.

Russian Vedas reveal to us the only one of the three incarnations of Baba Yaga — this warrior-girl, who perfectly knows the sword, and is measured by force with an army, to find out if they are worthy to possess true knowledge. Second Person of the mixed goddess — a horrible witch that brings fear in all living things, from which you can escape with the help of the mind and tricks. And finally, the third hypostasis — the giver, the welcoming greeting those who came to her liking. Here Baba Yaga appears to us as a caring and hospitable hostess, able to give useful advice and bestow valuable items helpers (magic ball, a winged horse, a cap of invisibility).

She is such a Baba Yaga — whether lovely girl, or old old … however, when it comes to the goddess, looks hardly matters.

Maria Shevalenko



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