Basis for understanding the wards

Amulet — the word has its origin from the root "edges." Ber — uncontrollable spontaneous spirit, violent, wild, wild. Baer our ancestors called the Bear, awakened from hibernation too early, has left his lair, den Ber. In this state, bear is a special danger, destroying everything around and making a bezlad. So it was forbidden even to mention the name of Bera, so as not to invite disaster. The word charm, understood as a defense against Baer. Elemental Warding same humble spirit, makes it all right, brings to life Lad, order, beauty.

From the root "ber" came words such as "bank" (river, sea), "save." Water (spontaneous, vibrant, but because — dangerous) our ancestors was associated with Mara (Mora) — navey goddess, the goddess of death and winter. This and "sea" — in fact a dangerous element, and "coast" — is the border between the risk, "Baer" uncontrollable natural spirit and safe territory. Beach — a feature, lets Ber.
What we now understand as ornaments on ritual vessels, clothing, household items, in the patterns of folk — this is the amulets, applied to objects.
Wards — one of the most interesting areas of the Slavic tradition. In the old days our ancestors tried absolutely all things, clothing, weapons, tools, objects, utensils, furniture, and even a house turned into a charm.

Art drawing talisman on the items and clothes passed on from parents to children, and represents an integral part of our tradition. People are the ornament created charm. Utensils without talisman is considered normal, everyday items. Warding also gives any subject magical properties, making it a living, thinking another.
In addition to home decorating, clothing, weapons, utensils, furniture, creating a talisman as an independent instrument existed as a separate art. Secrets which were led by the wise men and magicians.
Power talisman directly depended on the strength and vedaniya magician (sorcerer). No account was taken everything: the time of year, time of day, the location of the stars, material, shape and purpose of the talisman.
Symbols used in the preparation of amulets, are the keys to the power of God. Each character carries the power of his God. Set of characters and their locations on the charm, and the number of repetitions is created ligature conspiracy, which contains the idea of achieving dreams, desires and goals.
The purpose of creating a personal talisman is the formation of internal capacity, which then finds expression in the outer world.
The purpose of warding — create inner spirit in the person for whom it is created.
Wearing a talisman — is a sign of real communication with the gods, allowing flow of the forces — the Gods to flow from the hidden world in manifestation.
A well-designed ward opens a channel carrying a force designed to achieve the desired result. Phenomenon occurs in the non-manifest, so the purity and clarity of intention to play a huge role in the materialization of ideas and desires.
Amulet is made with the intent to cause an "external" life in accordance with the internal "I" of man, to show hidden talents and capabilities of his personality.

There are several types and purpose of warding:

Amulet keeper
allows you to store, retain, store (Power, matter, information, time). For example: stay healthy, gain knowledge on a particular subject, to earn and save money and material things, to bring the Force.
Warding protector can protect, to defend, to defense, to take the first blow, call themselves the "fire", to warn of danger, hide, hide, hide something, look away, or attention.
Warding conductor performs a coupling, the attractive effect. Allows you to find the way, the shortest way to achieve goals. Helps to go in the paths are right. Leads to the sources vedaniya, (knowledge, information) has a love properties.

NATIVE GLORY gods and our ancestors!

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