Beaten kidnappers Kuban veteran was discharged from the clinic

In the Kuban was discharged from the clinic and returned home veteran Peter Zhivotovskiy, which beat the thieves. In March this year, veteran's house raided young people. They beat the veteran, took everything of value, including Military Merit, and tried to burn it in conjunction with the house, said the channel "Our homeland 24".

Injuries were so severe that Peter Zhivotovskiy half months spent in the clinic. Three suspects were arrested after a number of days after the attack. They were local residents, while some of them lived on the adjacent street. At the moment they are in custody.

The story of the veteran occurred on the night of March 15 in a suburb of Armavir. In the house of Peter Zhivotovsky broke three masked men. They pounced on the veteran, demanding money. Hearing failure, thugs started beating him. And when taken everything of value — Military Merit and 4 thousand rubles, then set fire to the house. Associated old fiends left burn alive. Peter Ivanovich, a gunner who went through the entire Russian stateliness, was twice wounded, but the way to Berlin, managed to get out of the blazing home. With languid veteran hospitalized injuries in Armavir city hospital, and from there was taken to Krasnodar, a regional clinical.

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