Bebenina death. Details of the findings of the OSCE experts

"In a criminal investigation into the death of Oleg Bebenina denied due to lack of evidence. Prosecutor's check is completed, "- told Interfax head of the investigation department of the Minsk oblast prosecutor Sergei Gupalovich.

"The investigation concluded that Bebenin committed suicide by hanging," — said Galupovich.

The representative of the prosecutor's office said that under the checks were carried out and completed forensic, genetic, forensic and other examinations.

Bebenina found in the loop of September 3, 2010 at his dacha near Minsk.

His supporters said they did not believe that he made his death.

The prosecutor's office twice extended the time-frames for the last time this term has been extended to December 3.

Two independent forensic experts OSCE, which investigated the case of death of the Belarusian journalist Oleg Bebenina, confirmed that the cause of his death was a suicide by hanging.

The mandate that the experts have to work in Belarus, did not allow them to conduct a separate investigation, and only to test and evaluate the materials investigation conducted Belarusian side.

Details of the findings of the OSCE experts

Verification of the circumstances of death Oleg Bebenina Chief Inspector conducted a forensic police in Stockholm (Sweden) Sonia Bjork and professor at the Institute of Forensic Medicine, University of Oslo (Norway) Sydsel Rog.

According to information obtained online newspaper BelaPAN, both experts have made a clear conclusion: "The death was a suicide by hanging."

According to the findings of the forensic examination, Bebenina death occurred "as a result of mechanical asphyxia due to the reasons zdushvannya of the neck by hanging."

On the scene were taken and analyzed: two hammers, axes, rope, two bottles of "Belarusian balm", glass, clothing and mobile phone journalist.

On the neck of the bottle revealed traces of saliva deceased.

Fingerprints journalist recorded on two bottles and glass.

At the conclusion of forensic examination, damage to clothing Bebenina was not.

Traces of blood found nowhere experts.


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