Because of the anomalous warming in the Amur newly bloomed dandelions

In that year, the spring weather was a long time in the yard — so you can rephrase the famous lines of Pushkin. Indeed, this autumn has all the installed heat records. Instead of the ice age in Blagoveshchensk apple blossom and unanimously turned green lawns, says "Amur truth."

In Arharinskom area reborn dandelions, in the north of the snow has melted, and concerned amurchane sounded the alarm. "It is not for us to backfire a whim of nature cold winter, the lack of a new crop, another tornado or an earthquake?" — Interested readers AP.

Surprises and caprices

Second half of October was noted in the Amur prolonged Indian summer and unusually warm for this time of the weather. October 29 meteorologists recorded in Blagoveshchensk temperature record: the temperature rose to 15 degrees. Breaking with the past achievements in 1968 — 14 degrees with a "plus".

However, the special reason for concern, say forecasters AP reporter and biologists. Nature has responded to the heat and instead of sleeping early came back to life.

— The last five days of October saw an increase in average temperature. Afternoon on the south and west of the air temperature reached +12 … +15 C, and in the north and north-east to +2 … +8 C, which is above the norm by 6-9 degrees — says chief forecaster Amur Meteoagency Svetlana Kazachinskaya.
— This temperature is characteristic of the first week of October. But there is nothing supernatural about it. Over the past two decades, such warming is happening.

According to weather forecasts, the first week of November also will be "above normal" at 2-3 degrees. Despite the precipitation, nature quickly cools down — for severe cold conditions have not yet emerged. Maybe she will not miss the next surprise. For example, the November 21, 2001 in Blagoveshchensk was fixed + 13.4 degrees, and November 26, 1987 — minus 31, 5 degrees.

Grass overweening

— Somewhere in the grass is not faded, somewhere began to grow again, and that's the impression that the earth turned green — says senior researcher Khingan Nature Reserve Sergey Kudrin. — In the second Arhar dandelions bloomed. This is normal for a warm autumn. And I used to watch in October flowering cherries, plums, rosemary and strawberries. Recently in the area have become more special plant trees and gardens lawn grass, it lasts longer growing season. It can grow under the snow. Nothing terrible — it's not thaw, and preparation for winter. The only disadvantage of this kind of weather — prolonged fire hazard.

Keep your nose to the wind

— The current through the warm — not good — says Sergey janitor from Blagoveshchensk Nifashev. — Earlier this time frost crackled, and I jumped in the garden young fennel, withered grass turned green again. But we should not deceive ourselves, everything can change overnight. The warm earth wet snow will fall, then hit the cold. Soldered all into a single monolith. Then remove the ice will be possible only with the asphalt. On past experience I know — winter comes to us unexpectedly. I advise all management companies: it is too late, introduced to the heap of sand into yards, then to them, not to slag could sprinkle the roads and sidewalks. This will soften the effects of the "Battle on the Ice." So, dear citizens, keep your nose to the wind, and the officials — get ready for battle.

Vera Slavin

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