Because of the five-day war affected affairs of Ukraine and NATO

Because of the five-day war affected the relations between Ukraine and NATO

In 2008, Viktor Yushchenko, being at that time the president of Ukraine, pleaded Condoleezza Rice to provide an action plan for Ukraine to join the North Atlantic alliance.

Specifically, since the last U.S. Secretary of State wrote in a book of memories of their own under the title "There is no higher honor", which was released on November 1. Is readily available to our readers this edition was due to the partial publication of his translation of "Weekly 2000". In addition, Condoleezza Rice said on the sidelines of Davos at a meeting with Yushchenko, she said to him that the possibility that Ukraine will be granted a MAP is very low. In response, he began to plead with her, arguing that if there is no MAP, it will be a real disaster. Also, she said, for Ukraine and Georgia receiving the MAP was very fundamentally, because it would constitute significant evidence of a pro-Western orientation of these states.

At the same time, at a meeting held on November 21 this year, between Dmitry Medvedev and staff officers of the 58th Army of the Southern Military Area, which stationed in the North Caucasus, except for the discussion of various reforms open a discussion and action so called five-day war. Thus, the President stated that, if the acts of the Russian Federation in the Caucasus, then there could be so decisive, it would have significantly changed the borders of NATO. Present at the meeting, Dmitry Rogozin, (he is the special representative of the President in NATO) Also noted that in 2008, representatives of the Alliance did not expect so much activism, without which today in the alliance would have to be both Georgia and Ukraine.

As for the relations between Ukraine and NATO — that add up to today, we can not note, that in almost all media disk imaging supplied information as to what the Public programmke cooperation with the Alliance, in which it was proposed in 2011 to 466 events, made less than 15% of the events. But, according to Igor Dolgov, Head of the Mission of Ukraine to NATO, it does not correspond to reality. In the interview, which was conducted by the "Interfax-Ukraine", salting noted that apart from 71 performed activities underway are still 357.

Also, according to the head of the mission, do not just look at the numbers, it is much more important than what is behind them. Examples diplomat cited some data for this year. For example, he noted that the military part of the applets was to hold 12 international exercises, the results of which Ukrainian units have qualified and they have been issued a certificate which makes it possible to lure them to the NATO Response Force units frisky. A more fundamental development was the fact that for the first time Ukraine has performed a self humanitarian operation in the areas of Libya.

By the way, the decree number 1055/2011 of 23 November this year president Viktor Yanukovych has changed the head of Ukraine Joint Working Group,NATO with the Ukrainian side. This post was occupied by the first deputy secretary of the national security and defense, Alexander Medvedko. Go with it, Medved'ko became a member of the commission, which is responsible for partnership Ukraine and the North Atlantic contract.

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