Because of the militarization of the budget will reduce spending on health care, culture and education

Because of the militarization of the budget will reduce spending on health care, culture and education

Shred social. the country's spending in the coming three years will be greatly reduced, and this decrease will increase proportionally funding Nat. security, law enforcement and defense. This change in values was recorded in the budget for 2012-2014.

"-Independent newspaper" recalls that at the initiative of Dmitry Medvedev government approved funding to defense in 2020 and, specifically, these costs are a priority. "20 trillion. Rubles — to the state defense order in 2020, and another $ 3 trillion. Rubles for upgrading and refurbishment defense," — said Vladimir Putin, Prime Minister of Russia.

The final form of the budget is opaque, made public only with the open part. But still there is a hidden part that is not just changing. Believe in the Economic Policy Institute Yegor Gaidar: the hidden part of the budget expenditures for 2012-2014. uniformly increased by 11 billion rubles, "and most likely this amount was diverted for the benefit of the municipal defense orders."

At the same time, some experts have taken the liberty to evaluate the economical structure. The Institute of problems of globalization have seen that the budget "will cut the costs of sports, culture, intergovernmental transfers, more than 40% will reduce the cost of utilities."

Funding education and health increased before the election, but then will minimize the state support these areas, and the responsibility be moved to the States, financial resources are shrinking consciously.

The main value of the budget is the cost of law enforcement and security. "They will be increased to one and a half times, first at the expense of spending on the police." According to analysts FBK social. costs will be reduced by half.

In INSOR (Institute Contemporary Development) also saw a military maneuver conservative budget. There, the government relied on the materials handed out for analysis. According to government plans, the cost of education in 2014 will be reduced to 3.6% of gross domestic product from 4% in 2011. During the 4 years of health care costs will reduce from 3.9% of GDP to 3.4%. Funding Utilities 2% from last year to 1.5% this year. Defense spending from 2.9% of gross domestic product in 2011 rising to 3.8% in 2014

Some economists have seen this anti-social orientation of the budget and brought the result that in an effort to cut back on social spending embezzlement Our homeland is no different from Ireland, England or Greece. However, the level of social services. guarantees these countries Russian Federation can only dream.

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