Because of the political situation in Syria Our homeland will not send to its shores missile cruiser Moskva

Our homeland will not send to the shores of Syria's missile cruiser "Moscow" to patrol. Recall that according to initial plans, the flagship of our Black Sea fleet at the end of this month — beginning later had to change the patrol ship "Sharp-witted." At the headquarters of the fleet was given to understand that the change of plans due to the political situation around Syria. If we talk about the technical state of the cruiser, he was ready to start doing every minute tasks assigned.

According to the officer, in accordance with the schedule of preparation to enter the ship had to dock repair dockyard in Sevastopol, the crew passed all coursework tasks at sea. Cruiser before the end of this month will also perform a rocket firing.

Because of the political situation in Syria, Russia will not send to its shores missile cruiser "Moskva"

Previously, came reports that the campaign of the Black Sea missile cruiser "Moskva" was due to run for three months. It was expected that during this period the ship will perform the tasks of combat duty off the coast of Syria, to take part in maneuvers in the international waters of the Baltic Sea. In addition, scheduled for shooting in the North Atlantic with the introduction of the cerebral gun cruiser — anti-ship missiles P-1000 "Volcano" and anti-aircraft missile systems S-300F "Fort".

May 18 came from the headquarters of the Navy reported that the guard-command "Sharp-witted," was ordered to active duty to continue the coast Syria in the eastern part of the Mediterranean, because it is associated with the operational situation. The source then explained that according to the information of naval intelligence, specifically in the area was enhanced presence of the ships of the Navy of the United States of America, England, France, Germany, and some other states.

Guard ship "Sharp-witted" which April 4 arrived in Syrian Tartus, according to plans, was due to arrive in Sevastopol on May 15.

Because of the political situation in Syria, Russia will not send to its shores missile cruiser "Moskva"

Not counting the "sharpness", today in the Mediterranean Sea is active duty intelligence ship "Kil'din." In the Syrian port of Tartus, where the item is located logistics of the Navy of the Russian Federation, and are floating workshop PM-138, and the marine tanker "Iman".

Because of the political situation in Syria, Russia will not send to its shores missile cruiser "Moskva"

Meanwhile, Sergey Lavrov, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, on Wednesday criticized the "foreign players", which is funding and arming anti-government groups in Syria. Namely, in Moscow after talks with Jamini Lakshman Peiris, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Sri Lanka, he said that such a Makarov trying to derail the peace plan, Kofi Annan.

According to Lavrov, this violates UN Security Council resolutions, in which peace plan was approved, and in which a requirement as to the current government and opposition forces, including armed, violent end.

He also stressed that there is a game with only one goal, which, of course, should not be, and appealed to all parties to be sure to follow the Annan plan and to continue to cooperate with the monitoring mission.

The Foreign Minister of the Russian Federation shares the assessment of professionals about the obvious attempts to extend the zone of conflict. This is evidenced by facts occurring in the Syria terrorist attacks, bombings, attacks, which are involved in different terrorist groups that are associated with "Al-Qaeda", and the Syrian Free Army.

Lavrov fears that the conflict in Syria will spread to the area of Lebanon, where "it might end very badly." According to him, it is very sad to watch the aggravation of contradictions between Shiites and Sunnis. Russian Foreign Ministry is concerned that grows in Lebanon, internal tensions, and in this regard, he urged politicians to be restrained, and expressed the hope that the management of Lebanon within the law will take all necessary measures to ensure peace in the country.

Recall that in the area of Lebanon, namely in the northern part of the country, there were clashes between Alawites, who are on the side of the Syrian president Bashar al-Assad and the Sunni population supporting the uprising in Syria. Similar clashes took place in Beirut, capital of Lebanon, between supporters and opponents of the regime in Syria.

Sunnis accuse the military Lebanon that they make the orders coming from Damascus. The Syrian authorities say the border areas of Lebanon are "a haven of terrorists." In addition, earlier in the town of Aleppo (Syria) went kidnapping pilgrims from Lebanon.

Recall that after the Lebanese authorities arrested the 1st of Sunni extremists operating in Tripoli, accusing him of organizing terrorist activities in the Lebanese town began mess. According to statements made by supporters of the detainee, the main reason for his arrest — the provision of aid to the opponents of the political regime of Syrian President Assad, who fled to Lebanon.

In Beirut, armed clashes took place after the northern part of Lebanon while attempting a crossing by car from the 1st checkpoint was shot and killed a Sunni imam Ahmed Abdulvahid, which is known for its own support for the Syrian opposition. Together with him died Khaled Mireyb, another Sunni preacher. Once there were reports of the death of the Imam, the inhabitants of the district Akkar in the north of Lebanon, staged a demonstration and blocked several roads.

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