Because of the sanctions against the Belneftekhim U.S. diplomats can not travel freely in Belarus

"We are there restrictions on the movement of U.S. diplomats in a radius of 40 km from Minsk. I have to notify the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in advance" — said the Charge d'Affaires in Belarus Michael Scanlan.

Scanlan added that the restriction applies to the 2008, when the Belarusian authorities expelled U.S. diplomats.

"Imagine the situation: I am invited some friends in a wonderful place, they say you have to see it, you can feel the soul of the Belarusians. And I ask: how far it is from Minsk? 45 km — I can not" — with gironiyay said Scanlan .

The Foreign Ministry explained to Interfax that "the ban on leaving the zone sarakakilyametrovay not."

"U.S. diplomats can travel wherever they want. But they should at days in writing, notify the Foreign Ministry and inform the purpose of travel, "- the Ministry of Foreign sparavav.

"This action adopted in the year 2008 as a response to asymmetric sanctions concern "Belneftekhim", — the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Belarus.

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