Bees kill horses in the UK

As reported, in the south of the UK four horses were attacked by angry bees. Insects rushed to the attack after the animals stir their hive.

The tragic incident took place in the English county of East Sussex. At one of the local horse farms came across several "bee houses" and accidentally destroyed them, reports BBC. After that insects decided revenge.

The horses ran to escape from pursuing their dangerous swarm. While fleeing two animals at full speed, flew into the pond, where he drowned. Two others creatures with tails and manes failed to break away from his pursuers. Bees stung them as long as they do not have died.

Note that this is not the first time that the hoofed animals are killed because of the attacks of insects. Earlier, a similar thing happened in the south-west Niger. As written Dni.Ru, near the village of Dhaka-García wind broke the branch on which there was a beehive. After that its occupants got out and attacked all the inhabitants of the village. As a result of the incident affected more than 40 local residents, including 14 children. Many of the wounded had to be treated in hospitals.

In addition, the bees did not spare the inhabitants of Animal Farm. Striped insects attacked the goats and sheep, hundreds of which have remained paralyzed. Most unlucky one horse and one donkey. They stung so many times that wound proved fatal. Locals told that for a long time did not dare to go back to the home, as vindictive bees could prepare, and other acts of vengeance.

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